Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lacey the snow dog pics

Here are some new pictures of Lacey in the snow the other night:

Bunny Pics

So here are some new bunny pictures:

Just chilling

The bunny's new "rabbitat"!!!

Munchkin eating hay

Monday, January 24, 2011

blog news!

So if you guys are ever on my blog and happen to notice that the animal care posts are slowly disappearing, it is because I am moving them to my new Critter Care blog. Yep. I now have a blog for just stuff about my pets and the other critters in my life (critter corner), and a blog devoted to just information about taking care of pets (critter care). The link to my new Critter Care blog is on the right under "Critter Corner's Favorite Sites". I hope you enjoy it!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Guinea Pig Updates

So, I have some news about the guinea pigs at the shelter! It turned out that all of the female guinea pigs that were surrendered to the shelter a while ago were all pregnant. Half of them went to the guinea pig rescue, but the shelter still has four. Three of them are still expecting, but on Tuesday I got to see one of them, Billie Jo, have her  babies. She had two really adorable baby guinea pigs. She is a very good guinea pig mom, and her cage mate, Betty likes to help. Poor Billie Jo is still a baby herself. I would guess that she is about seven months old, so she isn't fully grown but she had some pretty big guinea pig babies!

And, don't worry I haven't forgotten that I have to post the video of Munchkin's new playpen. I have to take a new one because the lighting was really bad in the one that I took. So that will be posted sometime this week probably.

Hamster Care: Vegetables for your Hamster

Do Hamsters need daily fresh vegetables?

Hamsters do just fine without fresh daily vegetables. However, research has shown that hamsters that get fresh, raw, vegetables tend to live longer lives. Here are two good vegetables to feed hamsters: Romaine Lettuce and celery. Hamster also LOVE carrots, but they shouldn't be fed them very often, and they don't agree with some dwarf hamsters. And just remember hamsters have very very small tummies! I feed Pipsqueak a couple pieces of lettuce the size of my fingernail and a very small piece of celery each day. So make sure not to over feed vegetables, especially watery veggies like celery.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tip of the week.

I realized I have been terrible at remembering my "tips of the week" So here is one for this week:
This is a tip for all the owners of hamsters or other small pets with a noisy wheel problem.
Here are some tips on how to fix this noisy wheel problem:

If the wheel is made of metal you may want to get a plastic one that doesn't squeak. You can also try to get rid of the squeak with a very small amount of vegetable oil. Just make sure to wipe of the excess.

If your little pet manages to make the whole cage rattle around when they are running on their wheel, try putting the cage on top of a soft blanket. I keep a folded up fleece under Pipsqueak's cage and that helps immensely.

And if both of these tricks don't help, you can try a Super Pet "Silent Spinner". It is the quietest wheel out there.

coming soon...

Hi everyone! Munchkin just got a new "rabbitat". He previously had a dog kennel with a three foot by three foot playpen connected to it. Now he has a four foot by six foot playpen with the dog kennel attached to it. He loves it and I will post some pictures and a video of it within the next few days. And expect a new hamster care post soon too.

Pipsqueaks playpen

Here is a video of Pipsqueak in her playpen that she got for christmas:

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lacey playing in the snow

I recently got Lacey a Chuck It! It is a tennis ball launcher. It is very fun, and Lacey has been having a blast in the snow. So here area  few pictures and videos! Enjoy!

Lacey before going outside:

Lacey playing in the snow:
Lacey all tired after playing:

Monday, January 10, 2011

Pipsqueak's newest cage design.

So I have now added a sort of tube maze on top of her cage and a "lazy look out" which is just like a little room connected to the tubes. So here is Pipsqueaks latest cage design:

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Munchkin and his leash

Here is a video and a few pictures of Munchkin trying out his new leash. His leash is a cat leash because rabbit leashes are meant for smaller rabbit breeds. I can't wait till springtime to take him outside.

                                            Here he is having fun under the bed:

Munchkin and his Christmas Presents!

So here are some of the pictures and videos I promised. Enjoy!

                                                  Munchkin in his new fluffy bed.

                                            Munchkin all tired out after getting all his presents: