Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I may have put these up before, but I don't think I did, so here are some new pictures:

Friday, January 20, 2012

Shelter Profile

I haven't done a profile of any of the shelter animals in a while, so I thought I would do one of a very special dog at the shelter right now named Patriot. (I love all the dogs, but Patriot is one of my favorites)

Patriot is a male pit bull. He was seized by the police or animal control, and brought to the shelter.  There was some domestic violence where he lived and in the midst of it, one of his owners stabbed Patriot in the neck with a knife. 

So Patriot was brought to the shelter and they gave him the medical attention that he needed. 

Patriot is recovered now and waiting to be adopted. He is a really fun-loving dog, and he has no fear of people at all despite what he went through. He just loves everybody!!! 

He can be a bit crazy, so he needs someone active who can take him on long walks and play with him to get all of his energy out. He is also very strong on the leash, so he needs someone who can handle that. 

He loves everybody but because he is so rambunctious, a home with young children would not be the best fit for Patriot. He would love them, but he isn't really aware of how big or strong he is, so he could easily knock some little ones down accidentally. 

He likes dogs of his own size, but he gets annoyed with small dogs.  

I am not sure how he is with cats, but I have the feeling he would think they were incredibly fun to chase around... all day. :)

When he isn't running around and playing, he is also a big cuddler. He likes to sit in my lap and he loves to give kisses. 

He also loves treats and toys, but he just loves being with people the best!

He knows how to sit, however he deems all of that information unimportant so his knowledge of commands is buried deep in his mind behind all of the more exciting things, so he does not always sit right away. 

He is recovered from his injury, but he still wears a shoulder harness instead of a collar, because his neck can still be a bit sensitive, especially if he was pulling on the leash or something, making the collar pull on his neck. 

Also just a note, because Patriot has been around for a while and is very special to the staff and volunteers and they want him to get a home, he has no adoption fee, so he is free!

For pictures of Patriot check out his petfinder page:


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bunny updates/ pictures of Cici

I have had Stacy for over a week now, so I thought you all would like some updates on how she is settling in..

She is quite comfortable now in her new cage. She keeps "re-decorating" it by moving all of her stuff to different places. 

I have been working on litter box training her. She has taken to it very quickly, and already does the majority of her business in there. Since she isn't spayed yet, she still does some territorial marking, but she is already doing less of that. 

Her and Munchkin LOVE each other. Since she isn't spayed yet, I haven't begun bonding them yet, but since their cages are near each other they are already paying a lot of attention to each other. They like to do things at the same time. They eat at the same time, play at the same time, nap at the same time, groom at the same time. It is really cute! 

Whenever I let Stacy out of her cage, she runs over to Munchkins cage and sticks her nose through the bars, and he runs over and they lay down with their noses pressed together, and they will just lay like that for a really long time. It is adorable! Sometimes they lick each other's faces through the bars. I'm going to try to get some pictures the next time they do that so you all can see!

As for getting Stacy spayed, she has an appointment with my vet. It isn't until the first of February though. I had been hoping to get her in sooner, but my vet is booked all through January. After she is spayed she will need at least three weeks for her incision to fully heal, and then i will begin bonding the bunnies. So by the end of February I will be starting to bond them. 

I also have a few new pictures of Cici for you:

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Stacy's Story

Here is Stacy's background story:

How Stacy ended up at the shelter was kind of unusual. She actually was a stray. A few weeks ago, animal control brought her in, after she was found in someone's yard. To me, I can't even imagine how a rabbit could end up stray, considering they don't even need to go outside, so it seems odd that she would have gotten loose like a dog or cat would. I think it is more likely that someone didn't want her and just let her loose. 

It isn't often that the shelter gets stray rabbits, but recently we have gotten a lot. In fact, all of the rabbits at the shelter except for one were found loose outdoors. Four of them were brought in together, and they had been living with each other, and they were basically feral. Animal control also found a baby bunny under someone's porch, and then Stacy was the most recent to be found. 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Bunny!!!

I have a new bunny! I took Munchkin to the animal shelter and let him meet all the bunnies. It went even better than I expected, Munchkin got along very well with every bunny he met!!! (Which almost made it harder, because then I had to pick which one I thought was best! ) I ended up choosing the female bunny he met, because they seemed to get along the best, and male/female pairs generally get along better than male/ male pairs. They were together in a pen for quite a while and during that time Munchkin mostly chilled out, they laid together and Munchkin licked her head. After a while she started marking her territory and mounting Munchkin to show him she is the boss (I can tell she will be the one wearing the pants in their relationship) , but Munchkin mostly just laid there, so I think that once she is spayed and they spend more time together that they will get along really well.


Here she is! 

She is a female gray dwarf bunny. I think she is probably under four pounds. Her name was Thumper, but I am calling her Stacy, and for short, Cici. She is living in Munchkin's old kennel right now.

So my next move is to make a vet appointment for her, and have her get a check-up and then I'll make an appointment to get her spayed. Till she is spayed her and Munchkin are staying separated. Munchkin is neutered, but she will be friendlier when she is spayed, so I am waiting till then to bond them together. 

Once she is spayed I plan on moving their cages next to each other so they get used to being around each other, and I will start giving them short sessions in a neutral area where they can spend time together, and once they can do that without any mounting or fighting, they are going to move in to the big bunny pen together. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Getting ready for the new bunny+ new video!

So the holidays are over, and now I am looking for Munchkin's friend. I did some shopping at Petsmart and got a bunch of supplies (which you can see in the video below) and I have got the new bunny's cage set up (I'll do a video tour of it soon) and tomorrow I am bringing Munchkin to the shelter to meet some of the bunnies. If he likes one of them, then I am going to take him/her home. So there will be lots more new bunny videos to come!!!

Here's the video:

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!!! 

Now that the holiday rush is pretty much over, I am planning on getting back to some blogging! So you can expect to see some posts later this week and I did some getting ready for the new bunny which I hope to be getting soon, and I made some videos of that, so I'll probably upload those this week.