Thursday, October 27, 2011

Squirt Update

Squirt is doing better now! His fins look a lot better. He just did something to them, and fortunately it was not fin rot, and they never got infected. I super cleaned his tank and medicated him just in case. He is usual happy self now!

Munchkin's trip to the vet

So yesterday Munchkin went to the vet! Nothing was the matter, I just wanted him to have a check up and have the vet tell me if he was neutered or not.

Munchkin did not like the car ride very much. I'm sure to him it seemed like the whole world was moving. He was really good at the vet and let the vet do anything. He even let her stick this metal tool in his mouth to check his teeth. 

The vet that I took him to is very high-tech. There is even a interactive touch screen in the exam room for while you wait for the vet. It has things like "what is the real age of your pet" where you put what kind of pet you have (it only had dog or cat though) and how old they are and it tells you approximately how old they are. For instance it said Sheba was 82, and Agatha my cat was 72. It was very cool. 

The vet was very nice, she new a lot about bunnies and the "exotic" pets. After the exam she gave me all sorts of information packets and articles and quite a few about bunny bonding since I told her Munchkin will be getting a friend.

So, Munchkin is super healthy! He is at a very healthy weight, which is good to hear since when I first got him he was almost three pounds overweight. His ears look great and his fur and skin is very healthy. His teeth look great too, and his heart sounds great. She confirmed for me that Munchkin is indeed neutered. She also said she would guess by his temperament that he is probably about three or four years old. Though she said there is no precise way to tell with rabbits. 

Its good to know that Munchkin is neutered, so I don't have to worry about that, I'll just have to spay/neuter his new friend if they haven't been already. I also found out that the spaying and neutering cost is a lot cheaper than I though it would be. 

Based on asking around and looking on the internet, I was estimating that it would probably be 200 -350, but the vet said that they do rabbit neuters for 100 dollars and spays for 150 dollars. So that was nice to find out.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Poor Squirt.

So this morning I looked at Squirt, and I saw his tail fin had like a chunk missing at the top and the bottom half of his tail fin was shredded in the corner. I have no idea what he did. 

It doesn't look like fin rot, when he had that a few months ago, his fins were blackened at the tips, and right now the water quality is really good in his tank, so I don't think it is fin rot.

So he must have torn them on something, but I have no idea what, because his gravel is smooth, his plants are silk or live, so their isn't really anything sharp. One of his fake plants does have some bumpy plastic for a "stem" so I am going to replace that one in case that was what he tore his fins on. 

I am also medicating him for fin rot just in case, and to prevent his torn fins from becoming infected. 

He seems to be acting like his usual self and is as I speak working on rebuilding his bubble nest (I cleaned his tank last night, so it ruined his previous bubble nest)

Hopefully his fins get all better soon. 

I said in another post I think, that I was going to be putting up pictures of how his tank looks now with the live plants, but I am going to put that off a bit until I put in his new plant and the water gets clear again. (The medication makes the water cloudy).

Squirt somehow always manages to have his fin issues on the week that I change his filter cartridge, so  I have to put it off, because a new cartridge with fresh carbon will remove the medication. 

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Shelter Profile

This shelter profile is of a beagle named Tucker.

Tucker is the most fun dog around. He is a senior but it doesn't show! He is very active and follows his nose everywhere! (which is why he should always be leashed or in a fenced in area!) 

Tucker loves everybody, he loves people, dogs, cats, you name it, he loves it!

His favorite past time is sniffing and chasing things. He also likes to catch treats. Which he is very good at. (He gets a lot of practice with all the treats I give him!) 

Tucker, despite being a beagle, is not very vocal. (Most beagles howl and bark a lot!) (Like the beagle that lives in the house next to mine, she and Lacey like to howl to each other!)

To see a picture of Tucker check out his petfinder page:

I just have to tell you all. I am sitting at my desk so Squirt's tank is right next to me, and right now Squirt is working on building his current bubble nest. He also spends a lot of time guarding it. 

I also finally found some fully aquatic plants. I got three amazon sword plants and they have been in the tank for over a week now and they are already growing new leaves and they have been keeping the water very clean, the filter is staying cleaner longer now. And Squirt loves to sleep in the new plants. I'll post pictures of how his tank looks now soon.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cute Pics

So Munchkin has been doing a zillion bunny flops everyday, so I have a lot of cute bunny pictures to share with you all. 

(Sorry if they are not the best quality, when he did his bunny flops I only had my ipod with me, so they are all off my ipod. My camcorder takes better pictures.)

I just got my own room last weekend, so I have been bringing Munchkin up to my new room a lot in the afternoons and I let him hang out for an hour or so, and he LOVES it in here. He does a bunny flop every time I bring him up!

And here are a few more cute pictures of him:

And in case you are wondering, I did not stage this one! Munchkin wrapped himself up all by himself. It was so cute that I had to take a picture.

This one is Munchkin "grooming" his favorite furry blanket.

These two are kinda blurry, they are of Munchkin digging his (and the cat's) favorite stool.

And that's not all, I caught Agatha taking the cutest snooze!


I have quite a few drawings (mostly unfinished : ) ) of dogs that I have made, so I thought I would do a post showing you all some of them.

This one is of a pit bull. (Pits are my favorite subjects) The only finished part is the head. I had totally forgotten I had this one, till I was looking through all my sketchbooks.

 This one (above and below), is of an American Staffordshire Terrier (amstaff), named Mickey. He was one of my favorite dogs at the shelter, I got really attached to him, so I made a picture of him, and hung it in my room. This is probably my only truly finished drawing.

I started this one, and then left it in the sketch phase. I like to do that sometimes, because I like the way it looks. (Also I lost the picture I was drawing this from, so I don't remember what color the dog was!)

This is another one still in sketch phase. I like it, but it's head came out too squashed.

The beagle above I drew at least five years ago, from a step-by-step drawing dogs book.

This is my cartoon bull dog. I left him in the sketch phase because I love how it looks. (yes, I do that a lot) I've named him Hank.

This one is an old english sheep dog puppy.

This one is a semi-finished Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy. It's not bad, but the nose is too small.

The drawing above is of a dachshund.

This one is actually a painting. It is of my dog Sheba. I did some painting for a while, but I mostly just draw now. I love paintings, I just don't like painting much. I prefer to draw.

This one is a chinese shar-pei. Once again it is unfinished.

This one is of a pitbull named Jonah, who was at the shelter for a while. This is one of my current projects, so there isn't much to it yet.

This is another one of my current projects. She is a belgian Malinois mix named Mallory. She was the best dog ever. I don't think I have ever been so attached to a dog as Mallory. We were soul mates. Sadly she passed away when she was still at the shelter. 

I have some more that I have just started. I have been drawing the dogs that I have known at the shelter that passed away. It makes me feel better to draw them, and it is kind of like a memorial for them. I won't show them yet, since I only just started them, so there isn't much except a few rough outlines.