Thursday, October 27, 2011

Munchkin's trip to the vet

So yesterday Munchkin went to the vet! Nothing was the matter, I just wanted him to have a check up and have the vet tell me if he was neutered or not.

Munchkin did not like the car ride very much. I'm sure to him it seemed like the whole world was moving. He was really good at the vet and let the vet do anything. He even let her stick this metal tool in his mouth to check his teeth. 

The vet that I took him to is very high-tech. There is even a interactive touch screen in the exam room for while you wait for the vet. It has things like "what is the real age of your pet" where you put what kind of pet you have (it only had dog or cat though) and how old they are and it tells you approximately how old they are. For instance it said Sheba was 82, and Agatha my cat was 72. It was very cool. 

The vet was very nice, she new a lot about bunnies and the "exotic" pets. After the exam she gave me all sorts of information packets and articles and quite a few about bunny bonding since I told her Munchkin will be getting a friend.

So, Munchkin is super healthy! He is at a very healthy weight, which is good to hear since when I first got him he was almost three pounds overweight. His ears look great and his fur and skin is very healthy. His teeth look great too, and his heart sounds great. She confirmed for me that Munchkin is indeed neutered. She also said she would guess by his temperament that he is probably about three or four years old. Though she said there is no precise way to tell with rabbits. 

Its good to know that Munchkin is neutered, so I don't have to worry about that, I'll just have to spay/neuter his new friend if they haven't been already. I also found out that the spaying and neutering cost is a lot cheaper than I though it would be. 

Based on asking around and looking on the internet, I was estimating that it would probably be 200 -350, but the vet said that they do rabbit neuters for 100 dollars and spays for 150 dollars. So that was nice to find out.


  1. You'll have to tell me more about this vet - very interesting. Martha

  2. Munchkin was by far the best-behaved pet that I have ever taken to the vet. If only the dogs would be so mellow about going!

    I liked the vet - she was very nice and quite knowledgeable about small critters.

    Love and hugs,