Monday, October 10, 2011

Poor Squirt.

So this morning I looked at Squirt, and I saw his tail fin had like a chunk missing at the top and the bottom half of his tail fin was shredded in the corner. I have no idea what he did. 

It doesn't look like fin rot, when he had that a few months ago, his fins were blackened at the tips, and right now the water quality is really good in his tank, so I don't think it is fin rot.

So he must have torn them on something, but I have no idea what, because his gravel is smooth, his plants are silk or live, so their isn't really anything sharp. One of his fake plants does have some bumpy plastic for a "stem" so I am going to replace that one in case that was what he tore his fins on. 

I am also medicating him for fin rot just in case, and to prevent his torn fins from becoming infected. 

He seems to be acting like his usual self and is as I speak working on rebuilding his bubble nest (I cleaned his tank last night, so it ruined his previous bubble nest)

Hopefully his fins get all better soon. 

I said in another post I think, that I was going to be putting up pictures of how his tank looks now with the live plants, but I am going to put that off a bit until I put in his new plant and the water gets clear again. (The medication makes the water cloudy).

Squirt somehow always manages to have his fin issues on the week that I change his filter cartridge, so  I have to put it off, because a new cartridge with fresh carbon will remove the medication. 


  1. Oh no! Poor Squirt! I wonder how he did that. I hope he gets all better really fast!!
    Sarah :(

  2. Wow, that Squirt gets into trouble easily! Hope he's healed soon.
    -Animal Gram