Pet Profiles

Species: Rabbit
Breed: possibly an American Checkered Giant mix
Name: Munchkin
Nicknames: Bun-bun, Mr. Bunny, my "little man", the crazy bun, Mr. Naughty, dude.
Age: unknown (probably 3-4 years)
How he came into my life: Fell in love with him at the shelter!
Chewing cardboard, eating, getting into trouble, digging and grunting at his towels, cuddling, being the center of attention at all times.
Pet peeves: when his towels aren't arranged EXACTLY right, being ignored, and the cat.

Species: Rabbit
Breed: Standard Chinchilla mix
Name: Stacy
Nicknames: Cici, pretty girl, kangaroo, Stacy-kins, binky ballerina, 
Age:unknown (I would guess 2-3 years)
Pastimes: playing, binkying, licking everyone and everything, snuggling with Munchkin, getting into trouble.
How she came into my life: I was looking for a friend for Munchkin. I got her from the KVHS shelter.
Pet peeves: Getting her nails clipped, going back to her cage after free-range time, thunderstorms.

Pipsqueak- RIP Oct. 2010 - February 2012

Species: Dwarf Hamster
Breed: Black Silver Russian Dwarf Hamster
Name: Pipsqueak
Nicknames: "crazy", Pip, Pippi, baby girl, tiny, daredevil
Age: unknown (1 and half + years)
How she came into my life: I fell in love with her at the shelter.
Pastimes: being a daredevil (climbing cage bars and leaping off them, attempting to hamster "sky dive" out of the cage) running in the wheel, hamster ball, and the race car, eating pumpkin seeds, hiding food, squeaking in her sleep.
Pet peeves: The red- colored seeds in her treat mix.

Species: Dog
Breed: Lab mix
Name: Sheba
Nicknames: Sheebie, beautiful, my old lady, black wolf (that is my Dad's nickname for her not mine)
Age: 13
How she came into my life: She was a present for my fourth birthday. I went to a shelter with my dad and picked her out.
Pastimes: Sleeping, licking the carpet, lying in the sun, eating bird seeds under the bird feeder, resting her head on soggy spots (she licks the spot where she rests her head) eating, going to the vet.
Pet peeves: rain, waiting for her dinner

Species: Dog
Breed: English Springer Spaniel
Name: Lacey Mae
Nicknames: Lace, fuzzy, baby, bobo (another one of my dad's nicknames), mobo bobo(that is my dad's too), fuzzy face
Age: 6
How she came into my life: My mom's friend's sister was a springer spaniel breeder we saw the puppies and that is how we got Lacey
Pastimes: chasing birds, chasing shadows, chasing toys, chasing bugs, chasing squirrels, poking her head in snow banks, cuddling, sleeping in cozy places, howling out the window, rolling all over the floor and groaning.
Pet peeves: When there is a window between her and the bird! The vet. Getting her ears cleaned. Her motto: "Don't touch the ears!"

Species: Cat
Breed: unknown
Name: Agatha
Nicknames : kitty (yeah that one is kinda lame), Ag, sometimes I call her "feline" or "panther".
Age: 15
How she came into my life: she was a gift from my grandparents for my sister's second birthday. She came from a shelter.
Pastimes: Taking cat naps, looking out the window, sleeping in dirty towels, hiding my pens and pencils, chasing her tail and things that aren't there, running back and forth in the middle of the night, meowing for no reason, getting pet, pretending to hunt, laying on paper, playing with her favorite teaser toy.
Pet peeves: Having to put up with uncivilized dogs because as a cat "she is far superior", snow, the rabbit because a prey animal who is bigger than she is annoys her.

Species: Betta fish (siamese fighting fish) (betta splendens)
"Breed": red double-tail
Name: Squirt (the second)
Age: Unknown
Nicknames: Squirty, Mr. Fish, Fish Face
How Squirt came into my life: I bought him at Petco.
Pastimes: Patrolling his tank, attacking the filter, inspecting his gravel, hiding in his favorite plant, chasing his food, following me, playing with bubbles, building bubble nests (he is a master bubble nest architect), flaring at me, biting me.
Pet peeves: Bloodworms. Just because every other betta fish eats them doesn't mean Squirt likes them.

Species: Hamster
Type: Syrian
Name: Ninja
Nicknames: The Energizer Hamster, the Teeth (no he doesn't bite, I started calling him this name because he chews a lot), fat fur monster, Mr. Hamster, little man.
How he came into my life: It was a few months after Pipsqueak passed away, and I wanted to have another hamster. I adopted him from my local animal shelter.
Pastimes: Running in his ball, running in his wheel, chewing his cage bars, running, running, oh and did I mention running? He also likes getting treats, watching what is going on outside his cage, and making nests with toilet paper. He likes have his head between his ears scratched.
Pet Peeves: Being unable to escape his cage (I have super escape-proofed it), doors, not being the center of attention all of the time, the round green treats in his treat mix.