Thursday, April 28, 2011

Shelter Profiles!!!!

I think I have been a bit late on my shelter pet profiles, so here are the ones for this week:

Pet of the Week:

This week's pet of the week is a lab/rottweiler mix named Gus. I think I may have already done a profile on him, but here is a little bit about him anyway: He is about a year old and the best word to describe him is GOOFBALL!!! He needs a bit of training because he pretty much has no manners at all, but I had him on a long walk the other day and he picked up how to behave pretty quick. I eventually got him to walk nicely on the leash and to sit and wait for me to go through doors first, and after a while I got him to stop slobbering and chewing all over the leash. He LOVES to run and play. He likes to hear his name and his tail wags like mad when he says his name. He is bit shy of strangers but most people don't stay strangers very long for him, they become best friends very quickly. He likes to jump and sometimes does body slams with his massive chest, but he is a quick learner and is learning already that this is not good behavior. His fur is very interesting. It is all the same color but some spots are darker and some spots are lighter. 

If you want more information on Gus or want to see pictures of him, check out his petfinder page:

Shelter Cat Profile:

This week's cat profile is a really awesome cat named Mcgee. He HATES being stuck in his little cage and would LOVE to go home soon! He loves running around free and playing with toy mice while the staff clean his cage. He is a black cat, and I am not sure exactly how old he is, although I would guess he is fairly young. He is pretty vocal and makes a lot of funny noises. He is a very loving cat. He loves to play, and he also loves to get attention and be pet. 

McGee does not have a petfinder page yet.

Shelter Dog Profile:

This week's dog profile is a german shepherd named Missy. The shelter thinks she is about four years old. She is very sweet. She loves to go for daily walks, and is amazing on a leash, she walks on a loose leash very, very well. She loves attention, and she has a cute way perking up her ears and tilting her head and looking at you when you talk to her. It is very cute. The shelter is recommending she goes to a home with experience with shepherds, because she does have some possession issues with rawhide and she does not like having any veterinary procedures done at ALL, so going to the vet with her is going to be tricky.

Check out her petfinder page for pictures of this gorgeous german shepherd:

Pocket Pet Profile:

This week's pocket pet profile is a pair of Budgies/parakeets. One is blue and white, and the other is yellow and green. They are both female. They will need time to get used to their new owners but they should tame pretty quickly. The are very fun to watch. They like to talk to each other and sometimes they argue. One sits on top of a perch and one hangs upside down off it and they squawk at each other. They need to be adopted together because they will get lonely without each other. I almost forgot to mention, their names are Peep and Chong.

The birds don't have a petfinder page right now. UPDATE: yes they do! Here it is:

Aren't they cute? 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pictures and a sneak peak of the fish tank!!!

Munchkin in his new cardboard "fort"

Munchkin doing a bunny flop in his messy playpen.

Munchkin helping me study

And now....


Just imagine some gravel, water, and a fish and that is what it will look like. There is a cave in there and two silk plants. Above the cave is a leaf bed for the betta suctioned to the tank. On the right is the heater (behind the silk plants) and to the left is the filter (the black thing) and the thermometer. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Fuzzy Quartet!

So this is a profile about four ferrets that recently came to the shelter. The shelter has been calling them the Fuzzy Quartet. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!! Their names are Bear, Sheldon, Bobby Sue, and Tinkerbelle.

Bear is a sable ferret (I think) (sable is the coloring). He has extra dark places though. He a gorgeous ferret. I believe is the eldest of the group. He is still pretty playful.

Sheldon is a sable ferret. I don't think that they know his age. He is the biggest ferret out of the bunch. He is a very relaxed ferret and likes to be cuddled, but he does like to play a lot too. (I don't tell the other ferrets, but Sheldon is kinda my favorite). He also walks on a leash very well.

Bobby Sue is a dark eyed white ferret (I think, I am not 100% sure on the coloring) She also has a grey spot. She is a really sweet ferret. She likes to climb on me when I sit with her. (Both of the girls do). Her nickname is Trouble.

Tinkerbelle is a sable ferret. I believe she is two years old. She likes to sit on my shoulder when I take her out and likes to lay around my neck like a scarf.

They are all very playful and a lot of fun!!!  They love each other. They all like to squish themselves in the same hammock to sleep. They have lived with each other for a very long time so they are going to be adopted out together. Their giant cage is going with them to whoever adopts them.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

New video!!

I just uploaded a video of Pipsqueak's cage tour to youtube. If you want to check it out, click the link to my youtube channel under "Critter Corner's Favorite Sites"

Saturday, April 16, 2011

New video!!

Just uploaded a new video of Munchkin! If you want to see it click the link to my youtube channel under "Critter Corner's Favorite Sites"

Thursday, April 14, 2011

New video!

I have a new video of Lacey up on youtube! If you want to see it click the link to my youtube channel under "critter corner's favorite sites"

Pet Profiles!

Here are this week's shelter pet profiles!

Pet of the week:

This week's pet of the week is a dog named Holly. She might sound familiar because I have already done a profile on her.

If you want to see more info on Holly and pictures of her go to her petfinder page:
Or, if you want to see the profile that I previously did on her click this link:

Cat profile:

This week's cat profile is my current favorite kitty. His names is Tino. He looks like a lion to me. (besides his color). He is super sweet and LOVES LOVES LOVES to have under his chin scratched. He is a relaxed cuddly cat. He is about five years old. He is a grey tabby.
For information on Tino and to see pictures of him check out his petfinder page:

Dog profile:

This week's dog profile is a dog named Gus. Gus is a fawn colored lab rottweiler mix. He is about a year old and very goofy. He loves to play and he loves to hear his name, it makes his tail wag like crazy. Because of his energy level and his young age, a home without very small children would be best for him. He is picky about his dog friends so he needs to meet any dogs he might be living with. He will do fine with cats.
For more information on Gus and pictures of him go to his petfinder page:

Pocket pet profile:

This week's pocket pet profile is a rabbit named Carver. Carver is a black lionhead rabbit of unknown age. (A lionhead is a small to medium sized bunny with medium hair all over except around their head where they have long fur). Carver is super cute and super sweet. He loves to chew on his wooden toys and to sit on top of his plastic igloo. He is a fairly easy rabbit to clean up after and feed. He likes to have time outside of  his cage to play and spend time with people. He does well with handling.
Carver does not have a petfinder page.

New pictures!!!

I might have posted a few of these before, but I couldn't remember!

Sunday, April 10, 2011



Munchkin's cage tour successfully uploaded! So if you want to see it click on the link to my youtube channel under "Critter Corner's favorite sites" over to the right on the sidebar.

video tour update

Munchkin's tour will hopefully be uploaded soon. An error occurred apparently, so I am trying again. I'll put up a post if/when it is finished.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

What's coming!!!

I have got a lot of stuff planned for my blog, so you can expect to see a lot of pictures and videos coming soon!
Right now I have a tour video and another one of Lacey's tricks in the process of being uploaded to youtube, so I will put up a post when they are finished. I also have to do another pet profiles post which I will try to get to soon. I have some pictures to sort through so those will be going up on the blog soon, and I will keep you posted on fish progress.

Shelter update:

PUPPIES!!!!!!!! Two weeks ago ten puppies arrived at the shelter from an overcrowded shelter in Alabama. Since the KVHS always has free dog kennel space, the shelter took the puppies. They just got put up for adoption this week. There are four shepherd mix puppies, four redbone hound mixes, and a boxer mix named Rex(my favorite), there is also a lab mix. Two of them are females and the rest are male. There was an article about them in the Kennebec Journal this morning, which brought a lot of people in to the shelter today. While I was there all of the german shepherd mix puppies were adopted, and poor Rex sprained his foot so he was walking around even more clumsily than usual. On friday the lab mix was adopted. There were a lot of people when I left so it is possible that they were all adopted but I won't know for sure until tomorrow when I go back. So tomorrow I will try to remember to give you a puppy update!

The puppies are all super sweet and super cute, and super fun! Last saturday I gave all ten of them each a bath! That was fun!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

New video!

I just uploaded a new video to my youtube channel! If you want to check it out click the link to it under "Critter Corner's favorite sites at the top of the sidebar on the right.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

shelter profile updates


The rat, Pistachio, who was in my pet profiles, is going to be adopted soon by one of the staff members yay!


My mom pointed out that having a link to my youtube channel in a previous post would eventually get hard to find, so I am posting the link under Critter Corner's Favorite Sites which is on the top of the sidebar on the right.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

New video!

Just uploaded a new video of Munchkin to my youtube channel. The link is in a previous post, and you can also search for "critterlvr6" on youtube.

Pet profiles!

Here are this weeks pet profiles( sorry, they are kind of late)

KVHS pet of the week:

This week's pet of the week is a pit bull/ sharpei mix named Ramona. She is a great dog. She is playful and loving and she is very smart. She came in as a stray. She knows how to do a "paw" shake, along with a few other commands. She is looking for a home without other dogs, because she does not really like other dogs. She would love to be with a family with kids. She LOVES kids. She is six years old.
For more information and pictures of Ramona see her petfinder page:

Dog profile:

First I just have to say that because of an awesome adoption rate, their are only four dogs up for adoption right now. Which is good because there are plenty more who will be ready for adoption soon. And this is a special little tidbit, but in a few weeks there will be around ten or so puppies available for adoption! I have already done profiles of three of the dogs up for adoption: Moe, Bonnie, and Ramona. That leaves Holly. She is really cute!!! At the shelter she is known as the sheprador, because she is a lab shepherd mix. She is a cream and white color. She has a LOT of energy! She loves to bounce and run around and play. I am currently teaching her how to walk on a leash without yanking the walker's arm out. She is definitely improving. She is very smart and learns command quickly. Her sit is foolproof.  She does have some food possession issues, which is mostly due to how malnourished she was when she first came in. If she doesn't get enough outlets for her energy or is left alone for too long she does tend to get destructive. So lots of exercise, chew toys, a crate or an outdoor run would be good for Holly.
For pictures of Holly check out her petfinder page:

Cat Profile:

This week's cat profile is a cat named Patrick. He is a black cat and I am not sure exactly how old he is. This is his second time being at the shelter. He was here before, I believe last summer. His name was June Bug then. He was adopted and has now been returned to the shelter much fatter than before because his owners were moving. Patrick is a very very very sweet cat. He likes to play with feathery toys and loves to get rubbed behind his ears. He is very sweet and has a very funny sounding meow. It is hard to describe, but it is very cute!
This is where I would normally post a link to petfinder, but Patrick does not have a petfinder page yet.

Small pet profile:

This week's small pet profile is the cutest rat ever! Her name is Pistachio. She is still a baby, but almost an adult. She is a gray and white dumbo rat. (what do you know! that just gave you a hint to my Critter Care blog quiz!) Dumbo rats have big round ears on the side of their heads. They are very cute! (I will be posting pictures of dumbo rats on my critter care blog with the quiz answers). Anyway, Pistachio is the friendliest rat I have ever met. She loves to be held. She loves to crawl all over people and she loves to hang out on your shoulder. As I said she is very friendly and as soon as she notices you she wants to climb right up and be with you. She should be adopted with her friend a gray fancy rat (look at that, giving away more hints!). They are very attatched to each other. They groom each other and sleep all cuddled up together.
And again, there is no petfinder page for this pet.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Pipsqueak videos!!!!!!

Yay! Some videos are finally here! Blogger still for some reason has difficulty uploading my videos, so I am uploading them through youtube. So here is the link to my channel, so you can see the videos of Pipsqueak!

here is the link:

You can subscribe to it if you would like, but I will make a post whenever I have a new video uploaded.


Alright, it isn't a blizzard, but here in Maine, the snow just keeps coming!

I have to say I am sick of snow. It is April! Spring time!

 However, the dogs are having a blast with the snow. They have been very disappointed with the melting snow the past week or so, so they were very happy today with the snowy weather. I think we have almost a foot out there! Lacey got to go chase her frisbee and dig in the snow to her hearts content.

Now I am going to answer reply to a few comments

These two comments were on my ferret post. UPDATE: OOPS! technically that post was on my critter care blog!!! Two blogs can be confusing sometimes!

I thought they were used to catch rats and mice. Think I read they were used in Britain for that purpose in Victorian times. Wonder how the Romans used them exactly. Totally surprised about the poultry answer!
-Curious Animal Lover 

That's a long time! It's interesting to learn about what other people used certain animals for a long time ago. How were they used for hunting?
Sarah :)

 To answer both questions most sources say that ferrets were used by the Romans to hunt rabbit. Apparently Romans ate rabbit quite a lot. 

This next comment was on a shelter update post:

Super!! I wonder, do they get more adoptions as the weather gets better or is there any time of year that happens?
-Animal Gram 

Good question. I am not really sure, but for dogs it seems to be pretty random. Sometimes a lot of dogs get adopted very quickly other times adoptions are slow. For cats there are way more adoptions in the summer, but that is partly because there are way more cats coming in because in the summer pet cats that aren't spayed or neutered, go produce tons of litters of kittens willy nilly. In the summer the shelter also does a lot of promotions like free adult cats, and they have even done a by one get one free with kittens before because the shelter gets pretty crowded with cats in the summer. Fortunately that is when the big volunteer rush comes in.

Just a note: the dogs in the pictures aren't mine! Those are both desktop backgrounds that I have.