Friday, April 1, 2011


Alright, it isn't a blizzard, but here in Maine, the snow just keeps coming!

I have to say I am sick of snow. It is April! Spring time!

 However, the dogs are having a blast with the snow. They have been very disappointed with the melting snow the past week or so, so they were very happy today with the snowy weather. I think we have almost a foot out there! Lacey got to go chase her frisbee and dig in the snow to her hearts content.

Now I am going to answer reply to a few comments

These two comments were on my ferret post. UPDATE: OOPS! technically that post was on my critter care blog!!! Two blogs can be confusing sometimes!

I thought they were used to catch rats and mice. Think I read they were used in Britain for that purpose in Victorian times. Wonder how the Romans used them exactly. Totally surprised about the poultry answer!
-Curious Animal Lover 

That's a long time! It's interesting to learn about what other people used certain animals for a long time ago. How were they used for hunting?
Sarah :)

 To answer both questions most sources say that ferrets were used by the Romans to hunt rabbit. Apparently Romans ate rabbit quite a lot. 

This next comment was on a shelter update post:

Super!! I wonder, do they get more adoptions as the weather gets better or is there any time of year that happens?
-Animal Gram 

Good question. I am not really sure, but for dogs it seems to be pretty random. Sometimes a lot of dogs get adopted very quickly other times adoptions are slow. For cats there are way more adoptions in the summer, but that is partly because there are way more cats coming in because in the summer pet cats that aren't spayed or neutered, go produce tons of litters of kittens willy nilly. In the summer the shelter also does a lot of promotions like free adult cats, and they have even done a by one get one free with kittens before because the shelter gets pretty crowded with cats in the summer. Fortunately that is when the big volunteer rush comes in.

Just a note: the dogs in the pictures aren't mine! Those are both desktop backgrounds that I have.


  1. I'm tired of the snow too! I'd much rather have it be nice and sunny out. Thanks for answering my question! :)

  2. Thanks for answering my questions. You know how I love snow but...I'm ready for spring - bring on the black flies!
    -Animal Gram