Saturday, April 2, 2011

Pet profiles!

Here are this weeks pet profiles( sorry, they are kind of late)

KVHS pet of the week:

This week's pet of the week is a pit bull/ sharpei mix named Ramona. She is a great dog. She is playful and loving and she is very smart. She came in as a stray. She knows how to do a "paw" shake, along with a few other commands. She is looking for a home without other dogs, because she does not really like other dogs. She would love to be with a family with kids. She LOVES kids. She is six years old.
For more information and pictures of Ramona see her petfinder page:

Dog profile:

First I just have to say that because of an awesome adoption rate, their are only four dogs up for adoption right now. Which is good because there are plenty more who will be ready for adoption soon. And this is a special little tidbit, but in a few weeks there will be around ten or so puppies available for adoption! I have already done profiles of three of the dogs up for adoption: Moe, Bonnie, and Ramona. That leaves Holly. She is really cute!!! At the shelter she is known as the sheprador, because she is a lab shepherd mix. She is a cream and white color. She has a LOT of energy! She loves to bounce and run around and play. I am currently teaching her how to walk on a leash without yanking the walker's arm out. She is definitely improving. She is very smart and learns command quickly. Her sit is foolproof.  She does have some food possession issues, which is mostly due to how malnourished she was when she first came in. If she doesn't get enough outlets for her energy or is left alone for too long she does tend to get destructive. So lots of exercise, chew toys, a crate or an outdoor run would be good for Holly.
For pictures of Holly check out her petfinder page:

Cat Profile:

This week's cat profile is a cat named Patrick. He is a black cat and I am not sure exactly how old he is. This is his second time being at the shelter. He was here before, I believe last summer. His name was June Bug then. He was adopted and has now been returned to the shelter much fatter than before because his owners were moving. Patrick is a very very very sweet cat. He likes to play with feathery toys and loves to get rubbed behind his ears. He is very sweet and has a very funny sounding meow. It is hard to describe, but it is very cute!
This is where I would normally post a link to petfinder, but Patrick does not have a petfinder page yet.

Small pet profile:

This week's small pet profile is the cutest rat ever! Her name is Pistachio. She is still a baby, but almost an adult. She is a gray and white dumbo rat. (what do you know! that just gave you a hint to my Critter Care blog quiz!) Dumbo rats have big round ears on the side of their heads. They are very cute! (I will be posting pictures of dumbo rats on my critter care blog with the quiz answers). Anyway, Pistachio is the friendliest rat I have ever met. She loves to be held. She loves to crawl all over people and she loves to hang out on your shoulder. As I said she is very friendly and as soon as she notices you she wants to climb right up and be with you. She should be adopted with her friend a gray fancy rat (look at that, giving away more hints!). They are very attatched to each other. They groom each other and sleep all cuddled up together.
And again, there is no petfinder page for this pet.

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