Thursday, April 28, 2011

Shelter Profiles!!!!

I think I have been a bit late on my shelter pet profiles, so here are the ones for this week:

Pet of the Week:

This week's pet of the week is a lab/rottweiler mix named Gus. I think I may have already done a profile on him, but here is a little bit about him anyway: He is about a year old and the best word to describe him is GOOFBALL!!! He needs a bit of training because he pretty much has no manners at all, but I had him on a long walk the other day and he picked up how to behave pretty quick. I eventually got him to walk nicely on the leash and to sit and wait for me to go through doors first, and after a while I got him to stop slobbering and chewing all over the leash. He LOVES to run and play. He likes to hear his name and his tail wags like mad when he says his name. He is bit shy of strangers but most people don't stay strangers very long for him, they become best friends very quickly. He likes to jump and sometimes does body slams with his massive chest, but he is a quick learner and is learning already that this is not good behavior. His fur is very interesting. It is all the same color but some spots are darker and some spots are lighter. 

If you want more information on Gus or want to see pictures of him, check out his petfinder page:

Shelter Cat Profile:

This week's cat profile is a really awesome cat named Mcgee. He HATES being stuck in his little cage and would LOVE to go home soon! He loves running around free and playing with toy mice while the staff clean his cage. He is a black cat, and I am not sure exactly how old he is, although I would guess he is fairly young. He is pretty vocal and makes a lot of funny noises. He is a very loving cat. He loves to play, and he also loves to get attention and be pet. 

McGee does not have a petfinder page yet.

Shelter Dog Profile:

This week's dog profile is a german shepherd named Missy. The shelter thinks she is about four years old. She is very sweet. She loves to go for daily walks, and is amazing on a leash, she walks on a loose leash very, very well. She loves attention, and she has a cute way perking up her ears and tilting her head and looking at you when you talk to her. It is very cute. The shelter is recommending she goes to a home with experience with shepherds, because she does have some possession issues with rawhide and she does not like having any veterinary procedures done at ALL, so going to the vet with her is going to be tricky.

Check out her petfinder page for pictures of this gorgeous german shepherd:

Pocket Pet Profile:

This week's pocket pet profile is a pair of Budgies/parakeets. One is blue and white, and the other is yellow and green. They are both female. They will need time to get used to their new owners but they should tame pretty quickly. The are very fun to watch. They like to talk to each other and sometimes they argue. One sits on top of a perch and one hangs upside down off it and they squawk at each other. They need to be adopted together because they will get lonely without each other. I almost forgot to mention, their names are Peep and Chong.

The birds don't have a petfinder page right now. UPDATE: yes they do! Here it is:

Aren't they cute? 

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