Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pet Profiles!

Here are this week's shelter pet profiles!

Pet of the week:

This week's pet of the week is a dog named Holly. She might sound familiar because I have already done a profile on her.

If you want to see more info on Holly and pictures of her go to her petfinder page:
Or, if you want to see the profile that I previously did on her click this link:

Cat profile:

This week's cat profile is my current favorite kitty. His names is Tino. He looks like a lion to me. (besides his color). He is super sweet and LOVES LOVES LOVES to have under his chin scratched. He is a relaxed cuddly cat. He is about five years old. He is a grey tabby.
For information on Tino and to see pictures of him check out his petfinder page:

Dog profile:

This week's dog profile is a dog named Gus. Gus is a fawn colored lab rottweiler mix. He is about a year old and very goofy. He loves to play and he loves to hear his name, it makes his tail wag like crazy. Because of his energy level and his young age, a home without very small children would be best for him. He is picky about his dog friends so he needs to meet any dogs he might be living with. He will do fine with cats.
For more information on Gus and pictures of him go to his petfinder page:

Pocket pet profile:

This week's pocket pet profile is a rabbit named Carver. Carver is a black lionhead rabbit of unknown age. (A lionhead is a small to medium sized bunny with medium hair all over except around their head where they have long fur). Carver is super cute and super sweet. He loves to chew on his wooden toys and to sit on top of his plastic igloo. He is a fairly easy rabbit to clean up after and feed. He likes to have time outside of  his cage to play and spend time with people. He does well with handling.
Carver does not have a petfinder page.

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  1. Tino looks so cute! And wicked soft. (The two dogs also look really adorable too, but I really liked the picture of the cat)