Thursday, March 31, 2011


So I just thought I would update you guys on a few things and tell you what all of my pets have been doing.

So, I'll start with Pipsqueak. She is her usual happy self. Her new favorite thing to do is bury her food dish. She just got her nails clipped tonight. Usually hamsters don't really need their nails clipped but hers were very long, so I carefully clipped them. She is very happy now. She was very cooperative about the whole thing. I didn't think she would let me do it, but she proved me wrong.

The cat has mostly been sleeping in my room all day, she got her claws trimmed too, and actually enjoyed herself.

Sheba is her usual self too. She has really been enjoying her dog bed a lot lately.

Lacey had fun today because I sliced up some carrot and she got to practice her favorite tricks and games: rollover, crawl, leave it, and hide and go seek.

And Munchkin has been having fun today playing with his plastic blue ball with a bell inside. He has moved it all around. It has been in his water bowl once today and it is now sitting in his food dish. Right now he is next to me licking his paws.

And some fish updates...

I have a lot of my fish supplies ready all I need now is

A water test kit
a heater
and decorations (gravel, plants, etc)

and of course the fish!

Today I went shopping at petsmart and saw all of the cute little betta fish, and bought some stuff. I got a thermometer for the tank, water conditioner (to remove harmful chlorine and chloramine), and a bacteria supplement.

If you are curious what the bacteria supplement is for and what it is:

It literally just bacteria in a liquid. You put some into the water when first starting a tank to start a bacteria cycle. If you don't get good bacteria in the tank, then there will be nothing to reduce the harmful ammonia and waste that the fish produces, so your fish could die from ammonia after the first few days of owning it. Adding a bacteria supplement prevents the ammonia from getting to dangerous levels.

Coming tomorrow: My shelter profiles which are a bit late, but better late than never!

Sunday, March 27, 2011


I have great news!!!!

In this weeks shelter pet posts I posted profiles of Tonka, a rottweiler, and Billie Jo, a guinea pig. Well...

They BOTH have been adopted. Just thought I would tell you guys that. That would be why Billie Jo didn't have a petfinder page anymore. And in fact, all three of the guinea pigs at the shelter were adopted! I am very happy although it seems weird having no guinea pigs there!

And the cat named Benz, the pit bull named Beowoof, and the cat named Suki from older profiles have all been adopted too.

and even more yay!!! :

According to the KVHS facebook page, Walmart donate 10,000 dollars to the shelter!!! Which is awesome!

Cool new blog gadget!!!

For any of you who are wondering what the gadget/thing is over at the top right corner of my blog, it is a new gadget that blogger came up with. You can now subscribe/follow my Critter Corner blog via email. You simply enter your email address and I believe it will email my posts to you. I am trying it out myself, so I will tell you if it works well.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Lots and lots of pictures!!!

I just imported a bunch of pictures off of my ipod and onto my computer so here are lot of pictures of the critters:

Sheba with her head on Lacey's toy covered in melting snow.

A confused looking Sheba.

A relaxed Sheba.

A series of pictures of Lacey with her "marshmallow man" toy:

Two toys at once! (the more the merrier)

The "evil one-eyed glare" from the cat.

Two pictures of naughty pets:
 Sheba was perfectly innocent, however the cat was laying on my clean clothes.

And Lacey was napping on my sisters bed which is very naughty!

And now many pictures of Munchkin being his usual cute self! 

He is just the cutest bunny ever!!!

I have a ton of videos to upload which I am going to attempt tonight so if all goes well, there will be many cute pet videos in the very near future!

Shelter pet profiles!

Here are this week's shelter pet profiles:

This weeks "pet of the week":

This weeks pet of the week is a cat named Alfina. She is a two year old brown tabby. She came in because her previous owner had to many animals to be able to properly care for them all. Alfina has been here for a while. I don't know why because she is very sweet. She seems to get along with other cats and animals. She has lived with a lot of other cats before. She is just an all around great cat. She can be playful but she is also pretty mellow.
For more about Alfina check out her petfinder page:
or go to the Kennebec Valley Humane Society webpage (the link is on the sidebar under "Critter Corner's favorite sites".

Shelter dog profile:

This weeks shelter dog profile is a big, lovable rottweiler named Tonka. He is a very goofy and lovable dog. He is big, but he isn't very difficult to handle on leash or off leash. He loves to play. He LOVES his little stuffed toys. He carries them around in his mouth all day till they weight a ton from a day's worth of his drool. It is very cute (until you go to pick one of the toys up). He is just a great dog in general. His favorite thing to do (besides carrying his stuffies around) is to run really fast and not be able to stop and hit a wall, door, etc. His only problems are that he hates the vet (not unusual), and he does have a few skin and ear irritations but they are easily handled. He can't wait to be adopted!
For more info and pictures of Tonka check out his petfinder page:

Shelter cat profile:

This weeks cat profile is a black and white cat named Neon. She is about three years old. Neon has been at the shelter for a VERY, VERY, VERY long time. I can't even remember. She is a bit grumpy sometimes, but once she gets used to a person she can be very friendly. She would like a quiet peaceful house, and I think she would like to be the only cat and be in a home without dogs. (she might tolerate and elderly pet though.) She likes to make funny noises and sleep in a comfy bed.
For more info and pictures of Neon check out her petfinder page:

"Pocket pet" profile:

This weeks pocket pet profile is a guinea pig named Billie Jo. She is a very sweet guinea pig. She is black, white and red. One of her eyes is slightly crossed, so she looked cross eyed sometimes which I think is very cute. She came in a while ago with eleven other guinea pigs. She isn't fully grown yet and it under a year old. Despite how young she is she has already had two babies both of whom have been adopted. She is very sweet and likes to groom everyone! She lives with her cage mate a baby guinea pig named Babe. Billie Jo and Babe would like to be adopted together because they are very close. (Babe usually freaks out when she is separated from Billie Jo even for a few minutes).
Billie Jo doesn't currently have a petfinder page. She used to, so it is possible that she was adopted yesterday or Wednesday. I hope so!
Here is a picture of Billie Jo:
(she looks kinda fat, but that was because this picture was taken when she was expecting babies)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Shelter and pet updates!!!

So, I have a habit of jinxing things I guess. For example late last fall the shelter had like no guinea pigs, then I say to the staff, "you know we haven't had any guinea pigs in a while". Then of course the next time I come we have twelve guinea pigs with a bunch more on the way if the very near future. Well I obviously did it again. All we had were a few mice and a few guinea pigs. So I said "we have finally slowed down with small pets" When all of a sudden the shelter now has: four rabbits, four rats, plus thirteen rats in foster care (most are babies), three mice, three guinea pigs, two birds, and the most recent arrival, a very cute hamster.
A lot of dogs have been getting adopted at the shelter and we were all very happy because they were some of the shelter's long term residents (some of them had been here for quite a few months.)
My favorite cat a really sweet cat named Ralph was adopted.

And now for my pets. All of them are doing pretty good. Pipsqueak was grumpy for a day last week, don't know why, but is back to her sweet happy self. Munchkin is doing very well. He is enjoying his salads with a special treat of some cabbage this week. Right now he is playing with my sweatshirt that is hanging off the couch. He really loves that sweat shirt. The cat is in a very good mood today and even let me trim her front nails without complaint. In fact, she was actually sitting in my lap and purring through the whole thing. Sheba is her usual old self, sleeping in sunny spots and licking the carpet. I have a few pictures of her I have to post because lately she likes to rest her head on wet things. I have pictures of her lying with her head resting on Lacey's toys covered in melted snow. She also likes to lick the spot where her head goes on her bed before she lies down. Lacey just got her fur trimmed. So now she looks funny to me after all winter with her long fur, but now she doesn't get as hot. She seems to enjoy it. And I bought a few more things to add to my fish supply. I still have some things left but hopefully by around the end of April I will be able to get my fish! I can't wait!

Coming hopefully tomorrow: I am planning on posting the shelter pet profiles tomorrow because the shelter has their new pet of the week, and if blogger will cooperate, I am planning on uploading some videos and pictures that I got of Munchkin.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Videos coming soon!

I am going to try to do some more video tours, and put up some more videos. I have been trying to get videos of Munchkin being super cute, and I have a few and I also have some of Pipsqueak being her adorable self, so I will probably be uploading those soon.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Shelter Profiles!!!

So here are this weeks shelter pet profiles and the KVHS pet of the week profile:

The KVHS pet of the week:

This weeks "pet of the week" is a really fun dog named Moe. He is mixed breed and is fairly large. He has a lot of energy and loves to bounce around. He is pretty good on walks, although he does like to dash out doors. He probably needs some training, but he is super smart so he will learn quick. He came in as a stray and has been here for a while, so I can't wait for him to get a good home. He is a very eager to please kind of dog.
For more information on Moe here is his petfinder page:
*just a note, because he is a pet of the week he has a reduced adoption fee*

My shelter dog profile:

This week's dog profile is an awesome dog named Bonnie. She is a Catahoula Leopard Dog mix. If you don't know what a Catahoula Leopard Dog is google pictures of one because they are AMAZING! They have gorgeous fur. Bonnie has the same awesome fur but on a more pit bull type body. She came in with her brother, Clyde. Clyde is now in his forever home and enjoying life. Bonnie however is still waiting for her new home. She is very active and very smart. Today I starting teaching her to lie down, play dead, and rollover. She learns very very quickly. She loves to play and be with people. I believe she is about 1 year old.
For more information and pictures of Bonnie here is her petfinder page:

My shelter cat profile:

This weeks cat profile is a really sweet cat. His name is Sphynx. He is also gorgeous. He is a white medium to long haired cat with one blue eye and one yellow eye. He has very cute ears. One of them is erect, but the other is folded. He would like to be an only pet because he doesn't like other animals very much. He is a super neat cat. He keeps his cage very clean. He doesn't spill water, food, or litter, and doesn't even wrinkle his blankets. Compared to most of the other kitties cleaning up after him is a snap.
For pictures and information on Sphynx check out his petfinder page:

A note on Sphynx: He is not currently housed at the shelter. Different pets stores like Petsmart offer to take some of the cats and house them for the shelter. I believe he is currently at the Kennel Shop in Augusta, but I am not 100% sure. If anyone who viewed this blog was interested in him you can contact the KVHS.

My "pocket pet" profile:

My pocket pet profile for this week is a mouse named Mickey. He is the cutest mouse I have ever seen in my life. He is very small with rather long, fluffy black and white fur. He is a very friendly mouse. He loves his wheel and his little blue plastic igloo. He doesn't particularly like carrots, but he loves sunflower seeds. He likes to be held (once you catch him that is. He is super fast!). Once I am holding him he usually doesn't want to go back in his ten gallon tank and clings to may hand. He has been at the shelter for a while, so because of mouses' short lifespan he probably wouldn't be around for very long, maybe a year at the most. But he is definitely worth it. He is the best mouse ever. He is probably best kept in glass tank with a wire mesh lid. (He is very small so he can fit through most wire cage bars. In his forever home he would like a nice wheel and fluffy soft bedding. And plenty of tissues or toilet paper which he LOVES making beds out of.
For picture of Mickey check out his petfinder page:

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Shelter stuff!!!

So I have some updates about the shelter...

Cream Puff, the guinea pig profile from my last post was ADOPTED!!!! Yay!
The shelter just got 15 rats and a rabbit yesterday. 15 RATS!!! Apparently someone had three rats and then one of them had babies... 12 babies. So they decided that that was to many so they brought all of them to the shelter. The mother and babies are going to be going to the Mainely Rat Rescue.
The rabbit that came in yesterday is a really awesome rabbit. She is a huge lop eared rabbit. She is super sweet. She fell asleep on my lap today.

And... more news...

The shelter is starting a new thing called "volunteer spotlights". They are going to be interviewing volunteers and taking their pictures and putting them up on the website and the facebook page. And, they decided to do me first. So here is a link to my spotlight if you want to see it:  (you need to scroll down to the bottom of the page)

The only thing is, is that I actually don't sweep or mop very often. I definitely do clean cages a lot, and I sometimes sweep a little, and the rest of the time I usually walk and groom dogs and socialize the animals.
By the way, the rabbit in the picture is the one I mentioned above.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Shelter stuff

Hi everyone!

I was just at the shelter this morning after a very busy weekend. A lot of the small pets at the shelter were adopted. The New Zealand rabbit, the last two gerbils, and three of the baby guinea pigs were all adopted. The only small pets left are six guinea pigs (five adult females and one baby female), three male mice, and two female budgies (parakeets). I have to say I am happy that three of the baby guinea pigs were adopted so quickly, but I do miss seeing them.

The rest of my shelter news is that each week at the shelter there is a "Pet of the Week" these pets have lower adoption fees because of that. Anyway, each week I will tell you about that particular pet, and I will also do a profile of a dog, a cat, and a small animal currently up for adoption at the shelter each week. So here goes,

Pet of the Week Profile:

This week's pet of the week is a cat named Benz. He is a short-haired grey and white tabby. He is eight years old. He is one of the sweetest cats we have. He loves his bed and he loves to have his tummy scratched. He is quite the chubby cat, weighing 16 pounds when he came in.
Here is the link to his petfinder page:

Cat profile:

My cat profile for this week is one of my favorite cats at the shelter. Her name is Suki and she is a four year old grey and white long haired cat. She loves to cuddle and she really, really loves to rub people with her head. She loves attention and is just an all around friendly cat. She came in as a stray.
Here is the link to her petfinder page:

Dog profile:

My dog profile for this week is a fawn and white pit bull named Beowoof. He came in as a stray. He is very loving and a great dog but he does have some things he is working on. He does not like some men but he loves most people. He needs someone who can be a firm leader for him. He is also very strong and likes to pull on the leash. I have been walking with him every time I go to the shelter and after some learning, he walks by my side without pulling me very well now. He is playful and energetic but he LOVES to cuddle. He is also a very smart dog. I love him.
For more information on Beowoof here is his petfinder page:

Small Pet profile:

My small pet profile of the week is a guinea pig. She is an adult red and white abyssinian guinea pig named Cream Puff. ( I think her name should be Piper though). She has been at the shelter for months. She came in with eleven other guinea pigs all from the same person. She is very sweet. She is a little timid at first, but once you are holding her she likes to get pet between her ears and likes to talk with you. When she is very happy (usually when she hears the sound of rustling hay) she sometimes jumps in the air and runs in circles. Most of the guinea pigs at the shelter have cage mates, but Cream Puff is all alone. She had a  baby but he was a male so they had to be separated and he has since been adopted. Her cage mate had to be euthanized after she seriously injured herself when she gave birth to three babies that didn't make it. So now poor Cream Puff is all alone. She loves baby guinea pig but she does not get along with any of the other adult guinea pigs at the shelter. She hisses at them. She misses her cage mate and would probably like to have a companion but it would be best if her new companion was introduced to her as a baby (less threatening and then they would be bonded as adults). She not a very messy guinea pig and her favorite thing to eat is kale and hay.
Here is her petfinder page:

Friday, March 4, 2011

What all of the critters are doing today

Hi Everyone!

Just thought I would tell you guys what all of the pets are doing today. Right now Pipsqueak is in her cage next to me sound asleep. She was very busy last night. She buried all of the stuff in her cage and got her bedding all over my desk.

Munchkin is just chilling out after eating his breakfast and helping me clean his cage (he digs my back with his paws and messes up all of the piles I am sweeping).

The cat is hidden away in the house somewhere moping about the snow.

Sheba and Lacey are snoozing together at the top of the stairs, one of their favorite spots.