Thursday, March 24, 2011

Shelter and pet updates!!!

So, I have a habit of jinxing things I guess. For example late last fall the shelter had like no guinea pigs, then I say to the staff, "you know we haven't had any guinea pigs in a while". Then of course the next time I come we have twelve guinea pigs with a bunch more on the way if the very near future. Well I obviously did it again. All we had were a few mice and a few guinea pigs. So I said "we have finally slowed down with small pets" When all of a sudden the shelter now has: four rabbits, four rats, plus thirteen rats in foster care (most are babies), three mice, three guinea pigs, two birds, and the most recent arrival, a very cute hamster.
A lot of dogs have been getting adopted at the shelter and we were all very happy because they were some of the shelter's long term residents (some of them had been here for quite a few months.)
My favorite cat a really sweet cat named Ralph was adopted.

And now for my pets. All of them are doing pretty good. Pipsqueak was grumpy for a day last week, don't know why, but is back to her sweet happy self. Munchkin is doing very well. He is enjoying his salads with a special treat of some cabbage this week. Right now he is playing with my sweatshirt that is hanging off the couch. He really loves that sweat shirt. The cat is in a very good mood today and even let me trim her front nails without complaint. In fact, she was actually sitting in my lap and purring through the whole thing. Sheba is her usual old self, sleeping in sunny spots and licking the carpet. I have a few pictures of her I have to post because lately she likes to rest her head on wet things. I have pictures of her lying with her head resting on Lacey's toys covered in melted snow. She also likes to lick the spot where her head goes on her bed before she lies down. Lacey just got her fur trimmed. So now she looks funny to me after all winter with her long fur, but now she doesn't get as hot. She seems to enjoy it. And I bought a few more things to add to my fish supply. I still have some things left but hopefully by around the end of April I will be able to get my fish! I can't wait!

Coming hopefully tomorrow: I am planning on posting the shelter pet profiles tomorrow because the shelter has their new pet of the week, and if blogger will cooperate, I am planning on uploading some videos and pictures that I got of Munchkin.

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  1. Everything sounds great in your furry world. :)

    Hope you can figure out your video uploading issues - I really enjoy when you post pictures and videos!
    Love and hugs,