Thursday, March 31, 2011


So I just thought I would update you guys on a few things and tell you what all of my pets have been doing.

So, I'll start with Pipsqueak. She is her usual happy self. Her new favorite thing to do is bury her food dish. She just got her nails clipped tonight. Usually hamsters don't really need their nails clipped but hers were very long, so I carefully clipped them. She is very happy now. She was very cooperative about the whole thing. I didn't think she would let me do it, but she proved me wrong.

The cat has mostly been sleeping in my room all day, she got her claws trimmed too, and actually enjoyed herself.

Sheba is her usual self too. She has really been enjoying her dog bed a lot lately.

Lacey had fun today because I sliced up some carrot and she got to practice her favorite tricks and games: rollover, crawl, leave it, and hide and go seek.

And Munchkin has been having fun today playing with his plastic blue ball with a bell inside. He has moved it all around. It has been in his water bowl once today and it is now sitting in his food dish. Right now he is next to me licking his paws.

And some fish updates...

I have a lot of my fish supplies ready all I need now is

A water test kit
a heater
and decorations (gravel, plants, etc)

and of course the fish!

Today I went shopping at petsmart and saw all of the cute little betta fish, and bought some stuff. I got a thermometer for the tank, water conditioner (to remove harmful chlorine and chloramine), and a bacteria supplement.

If you are curious what the bacteria supplement is for and what it is:

It literally just bacteria in a liquid. You put some into the water when first starting a tank to start a bacteria cycle. If you don't get good bacteria in the tank, then there will be nothing to reduce the harmful ammonia and waste that the fish produces, so your fish could die from ammonia after the first few days of owning it. Adding a bacteria supplement prevents the ammonia from getting to dangerous levels.

Coming tomorrow: My shelter profiles which are a bit late, but better late than never!

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