Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bunny updates/ pictures of Cici

I have had Stacy for over a week now, so I thought you all would like some updates on how she is settling in..

She is quite comfortable now in her new cage. She keeps "re-decorating" it by moving all of her stuff to different places. 

I have been working on litter box training her. She has taken to it very quickly, and already does the majority of her business in there. Since she isn't spayed yet, she still does some territorial marking, but she is already doing less of that. 

Her and Munchkin LOVE each other. Since she isn't spayed yet, I haven't begun bonding them yet, but since their cages are near each other they are already paying a lot of attention to each other. They like to do things at the same time. They eat at the same time, play at the same time, nap at the same time, groom at the same time. It is really cute! 

Whenever I let Stacy out of her cage, she runs over to Munchkins cage and sticks her nose through the bars, and he runs over and they lay down with their noses pressed together, and they will just lay like that for a really long time. It is adorable! Sometimes they lick each other's faces through the bars. I'm going to try to get some pictures the next time they do that so you all can see!

As for getting Stacy spayed, she has an appointment with my vet. It isn't until the first of February though. I had been hoping to get her in sooner, but my vet is booked all through January. After she is spayed she will need at least three weeks for her incision to fully heal, and then i will begin bonding the bunnies. So by the end of February I will be starting to bond them. 

I also have a few new pictures of Cici for you:


  1. She is so cute!! I can't wait to see some pictures of her and Munchy together! They sound like they are too cute together. Munchy got a girlfriend, Munchy got a girlfriend!!! ;) I absolutely love the first picture of her, where her eyes look squinted shut. Little Cici is cute!!!
    Sarah :D

  2. Cici is such a sweetheart! I love seeing her nose to nose with Munchkin. :)
    Love and hugs,

  3. Cuteness overload here!!! Can't wait to see her in person. Love the description of her interactions with Munchkin.
    -Animal Gram

  4. She looks rather queenly in that last photo! :) Martha

  5. Aw! Cici is so cute! I'm glad to that Munchkin finally has his 'girlfriend'. :)