Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Bunny!!!

I have a new bunny! I took Munchkin to the animal shelter and let him meet all the bunnies. It went even better than I expected, Munchkin got along very well with every bunny he met!!! (Which almost made it harder, because then I had to pick which one I thought was best! ) I ended up choosing the female bunny he met, because they seemed to get along the best, and male/female pairs generally get along better than male/ male pairs. They were together in a pen for quite a while and during that time Munchkin mostly chilled out, they laid together and Munchkin licked her head. After a while she started marking her territory and mounting Munchkin to show him she is the boss (I can tell she will be the one wearing the pants in their relationship) , but Munchkin mostly just laid there, so I think that once she is spayed and they spend more time together that they will get along really well.


Here she is! 

She is a female gray dwarf bunny. I think she is probably under four pounds. Her name was Thumper, but I am calling her Stacy, and for short, Cici. She is living in Munchkin's old kennel right now.

So my next move is to make a vet appointment for her, and have her get a check-up and then I'll make an appointment to get her spayed. Till she is spayed her and Munchkin are staying separated. Munchkin is neutered, but she will be friendlier when she is spayed, so I am waiting till then to bond them together. 

Once she is spayed I plan on moving their cages next to each other so they get used to being around each other, and I will start giving them short sessions in a neutral area where they can spend time together, and once they can do that without any mounting or fighting, they are going to move in to the big bunny pen together. 


  1. Emily! She is adorable!!!!!!! You don't even know how excited I am about her name. When I read it, I literally started screaming and doing my crazy person cackle-laugh. Then I ran around my house telling everybody, in the same cackle-laugh voice, that "Emily named her Stacy! Emily named her Stacy!" Nobody got why, and I didn't stop to explain! I love the nickname Cici! Can't wait to meet this little lady!! <3 She is so cute!!!!! :D
    Sarah :D

  2. Congrats Em! I love Ci-Ci! It's the perfect name. I'm sure bun-bun is going to be very happy with his new girlfriend. :)

  3. I'm amazed at how quickly Cici has relaxed and made herself at home. And Munchkin certainly seems happy and excited about this!
    Love and hugs,

  4. Oh boy! - or should I say 'Oh Girl!' Like Sarah, I also want to say she's adorable. Love her gray color and pretty little face. Can't wait to meet her.
    -Animal Gram