Sunday, October 3, 2010

Rabbit Care Part 1: Feeding Your Rabbit Pellets

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Pellet Food

Pellet Food is probably the most convenient thing to feed your rabbit. It is easy to store and feed, and easy to purchase. It comes in many varieties.

What should I look for in a pellet food?

  Pellet food should be fresh and not too dusty. You want to look for an all pellet diet. Pellet mixes (with seeds and cereals) are not the best choice for your rabbit. Rabbits do not need to eat seeds and the cereal puffs found in mixes, and they are not very healthy for rabbits. Once you have found a good quality all-pellet food, check the label. The main ingredient should be timothy hay. Not alfalfa. Also make sure that the food is high in fiber. Again I recommend feeding the Oxbow brand.

 What a good quality pellet food looks like
What should NOT be in a pellet food.

What amount of pellets should my rabbit eat?

Typically you can just look on the label for feeding guidelines. If you also feed your rabbit hay and vegetables, I would recommend feeding a lot less than the feeding guidelines.

Should I feed my rabbits hay and vegetables in addition to pellets?

I do. Hay is the most healthy and vital thing a rabbit should eat. Pellets are good and rabbits typically enjoy them, but they are best fed in small amounts with most of the diet being hay. And of course fresh vegetables are a good addition to your rabbits diet.

Next time: veggies

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