Friday, October 22, 2010

Rabbit Care: Toys

A lot of people never even think that a rabbit would need toys, but they are actually very playful creatures.

Toys are healthy for your rabbit for two reasons:

1. It keeps them active and happy.
2. It gives them something to chew to keep their teeth trim.

What kind of toys are good for rabbits and where can you find them?

Well, you can find lots of toys for rabbits at pretty much any pet store, such as Petsmart or Petco.
Rabbits need chew toys, made of wood, cardboard, or hay. It is important that they keep their teeth trim. Rabbits can also have plastic toys as long as they don't chew up or eat the plastic. Most rabbits, in my experience, don't seem to like chewing plastic, so plastic is usually fine. Rabbits like toys that they can throw and push. They also really enjoy toys that rattle or jingle. Here are some specific favorites of rabbits:

Cardboard boxes
Cardboard tubes
Plastic ball with bells inside them that are meant for cats
Wood chew toys (if you make your own make sure it is natural, untreated wood.)
Sisal or loofa chew toys (you can find these at most pet stores)

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  1. Must be a lot of fun watching Munchkin playing. I liked the video where he was flipping the cardboard around. It was so cute!
    -Old Animal Watcher