Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tour of Munchkin's Rabbitat

Thought you might like to see what Munchkin's "rabbitat" looked like:

His cage is a dog kennel with a playpen attached to it.

The dog kennel gives him more room than a rabbit cage sold at pet stores does.
As you can see he has all the necessities: a food bowl, water bottle, water bowl, toys, litter box, hay racks to hold all his hay, and some comfy towels to sleep in.

This is what his playpen looks like. It has lots of toys for him to chew on and play with. He also has an igloo to hide in, but he mostly likes to push it around.


  1. Munchkin loves his home. He always seems very content. You take wonderful care of him!

  2. What a lucky bunny!!
    - Gram