Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dog baths

When I volunteer at the shelter, I do a lot of dog grooming. I just bathed the sweetest Rottweiler mix named Jasmine. She enjoyed her bath for the most part. She now smells like a popsicle. It is amazing how a dog seems clean till you get them wet and the water comes off all dirty. Anyway, here are some tips I have learned through my shelter dog grooming experiences.

1. Brush out mats and tangles first.
2. Prepare to get WET!
3. Make sure the dog's fur is very wet, or dilute the shampoo with water to make sure it gets to the skin.
4. Tearless shampoo for doing the dog's face is easier and more stress-free.
5. It is much easier if the dog is secured in the tub.
6. Use a good-quality dog shampoo. It's just easier.
7. It may sound strange, but have FUN. Make it enjoyable for you and the dog.
8. Use the right kind of shampoo; for instance, don't use moisturizing shampoo on a very greasy dog. That generally makes the problem worse.
9. If it really is no fun, just remember it could be worse. You could have been bathing a cat. And trust me that is not much fun.
10. Seems like I should have a tenth tip, but I don't.

I always enjoy the satisfaction of seeing a clean dog walking away getting ready for adoption.


  1. A clean dog is a wonderful thing.

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