Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rabbit Care Part 1: Feeding Your Rabbit Veggies

Veggies. Rabbits love them and veggies are healthy. Here is some information about feeding veggies to rabbits.

   Are vegetables a necessary part of a rabbit's diet?

Well, as long as your rabbit gets a balanced diet and hay, it isn't going to kill him if he doesn't get vegetables, but feeding your rabbit veggies helps keep him happy and healthy.

  How much veggies should I feed my rabbit each day?

About two cups per seven pounds of your rabbit's body weight. It also depends on your rabbit's energy level. I generally give Munchkin about two cups of vegetables, which is slightly less than the typical standard, but he is not very athletic, and he is working toward maintaining a healthy weight.

   What kind of vegetables are safe for my rabbit?

Here are a few: romaine lettuce (never iceberg lettuce), celery (best chopped into smaller pieces so your rabbit doesn't have difficulty with the strands), carrot tops, small amounts of carrots, basil, collard greens, dandelion greens, mint, endive, dill, green peppers, spinach (small amounts), cilantro, parsley, sage, and lemon balm

   Note: Spinach is high in oxalates which can accumulate over time and become toxic to your bunny, and carrots, though they are a favorite of rabbits, are very high in sugar and are best fed as a treat only. Iceberg lettuce is not a good veggie for your rabbit as it is very watery and has no nutritional value for your rabbit.

Here is what I normally feed Munchkin for veggies each day. Note the small piece of carrot, and the celery is chopped up. He especially loves the celery leaves. Sometimes he also gets some herbs from the garden.

Here is video of Munchkin enjoying his veggies:

Next time: Rabbit Care: Water

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  1. Absolutely loved watching the Munchkin video. Reminded me of myself when I'm eating salad - yum!
    -Veggie Gram