Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rabbit Care: Cage accessories

Well, we have talked a little bit about rabbit cages, now we can talk about accessories for the cage.

Here is what you will need for your rabbit in his cage:

1. a thick layer of bedding, or a litter box
2. something soft to sleep in
3. a hide box or someplace for your rabbit to feel safe and secure (although I understand it can be hard to find hide boxes for very big bunnies)
4. a food bowl
5. a water bottle or a water dish
6. toys and things to chew
7. hay racks or whatever else you might use to hold their hay

And something I didn't mention when I talked about the rabbitat:

A rabbit's cage should have a solid bottom, not wire mesh. Wire mesh is very uncomfortable for a rabbit's feet. It is sanitary because the droppings fall through to the bottom, but it is not good for your rabbit's feet. A rabbit does not have pads like a dog. They only have delicate skin and some fur on their feet. If you are worried about sanitation I would recommend training your rabbit to use a litter box. If you do have a wire bottom on your rabbit's cage, make sure you provide something solid on it for their feet to get a break.

Next time: Toys


  1. So what do you recommend for something soft for a rabbit to sleep in?
    I'm enjoying reading your bunny care articles. Will you be talking about other animals' care, too?
    Love and hugs,

  2. Yeah, after rabbits, I will move on to talking about taking care of another type of critter, possible gerbils. :)

  3. Very nice blog! Pretty colors!

  4. Hey, what about having a pet daycare center someday?