Friday, October 1, 2010


Munchkin is my rabbit. I got him from the shelter. He is an extremely well-behaved rabbit. He is a major snuggler. He was overweight when I got him, but thanks to a better diet and exercise he has slimmed down from eleven and a half pounds to ten. He seems to be a Checkered Giant or a Checkered Giant mix. He likes to play and binky (do cool rabbit moves). He also loves to sleep and dig in his well loved towels. Some of his favorite foods are papaya, kiwi, apple, romaine lettuce, basil, dandelion, sage, just to name a few. He greatly dislikes oregano, and avoids oranges. He loves to get out of his "rabbitat" and hop around and throw some cardboard (he loves cardboard). He does one trick, which is standing up on his hind legs for a treat. Some of his favorite activities: sleeping, chewing on cardboard (especially cardboard boxes that came from Target), throwing cardboard tubes, chewing loofa, eating, and rattling his cage door for attention.
Here are some pics of Munchkin:

Next time: How to take care of rabbits part 1


  1. Munchkin is the best bunny EVER! You sure know how to pick out a good pet.

  2. Didn't realize rabbits could be so entertaining! Sounds like fun discovering all he can do. How long is he? Do you know his age?
    - Old animal lover