Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Questions and Answers

I was asked some questions about "rabbitats" and about Munchkin:

Can Munchkin's fur be spun?

Probably. He has a lot of downy under-coat, which is very obvious right now because he is shedding. Rabbit Fur is everywhere!

Do rabbits like changes in their rabbitat?

Well, if you move their cage to a different location they seem to be fine with that. Changing the location mixes things up and adds some excitement. Munchkin is very curious about having his cage or location changed around. He does not, however, like it if I rearrange his towels that he sleeps in. He also doesn't like it if I move his litter box to a different corner. If I do he pushes his towels over to where the litter box used to be, and uses the towels instead of the litter box. He also prefers to keep his favorite blue ball that jingles near his food dish. (he loves to put it in his food dish during the night)


  1. Rabbits sound just like people! (...or do people sound like rabbits?) We can be fussy about where our stuff is but we do like a new view from our 'cages' (like the changing seasons outside our windows). Thanks for the answers.
    -Fussy Old Gram

  2. Your pets have such interesting personalities! Martha