Friday, March 25, 2011

Shelter pet profiles!

Here are this week's shelter pet profiles:

This weeks "pet of the week":

This weeks pet of the week is a cat named Alfina. She is a two year old brown tabby. She came in because her previous owner had to many animals to be able to properly care for them all. Alfina has been here for a while. I don't know why because she is very sweet. She seems to get along with other cats and animals. She has lived with a lot of other cats before. She is just an all around great cat. She can be playful but she is also pretty mellow.
For more about Alfina check out her petfinder page:
or go to the Kennebec Valley Humane Society webpage (the link is on the sidebar under "Critter Corner's favorite sites".

Shelter dog profile:

This weeks shelter dog profile is a big, lovable rottweiler named Tonka. He is a very goofy and lovable dog. He is big, but he isn't very difficult to handle on leash or off leash. He loves to play. He LOVES his little stuffed toys. He carries them around in his mouth all day till they weight a ton from a day's worth of his drool. It is very cute (until you go to pick one of the toys up). He is just a great dog in general. His favorite thing to do (besides carrying his stuffies around) is to run really fast and not be able to stop and hit a wall, door, etc. His only problems are that he hates the vet (not unusual), and he does have a few skin and ear irritations but they are easily handled. He can't wait to be adopted!
For more info and pictures of Tonka check out his petfinder page:

Shelter cat profile:

This weeks cat profile is a black and white cat named Neon. She is about three years old. Neon has been at the shelter for a VERY, VERY, VERY long time. I can't even remember. She is a bit grumpy sometimes, but once she gets used to a person she can be very friendly. She would like a quiet peaceful house, and I think she would like to be the only cat and be in a home without dogs. (she might tolerate and elderly pet though.) She likes to make funny noises and sleep in a comfy bed.
For more info and pictures of Neon check out her petfinder page:

"Pocket pet" profile:

This weeks pocket pet profile is a guinea pig named Billie Jo. She is a very sweet guinea pig. She is black, white and red. One of her eyes is slightly crossed, so she looked cross eyed sometimes which I think is very cute. She came in a while ago with eleven other guinea pigs. She isn't fully grown yet and it under a year old. Despite how young she is she has already had two babies both of whom have been adopted. She is very sweet and likes to groom everyone! She lives with her cage mate a baby guinea pig named Babe. Billie Jo and Babe would like to be adopted together because they are very close. (Babe usually freaks out when she is separated from Billie Jo even for a few minutes).
Billie Jo doesn't currently have a petfinder page. She used to, so it is possible that she was adopted yesterday or Wednesday. I hope so!
Here is a picture of Billie Jo:
(she looks kinda fat, but that was because this picture was taken when she was expecting babies)

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