Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Shelter stuff

Hi everyone!

I was just at the shelter this morning after a very busy weekend. A lot of the small pets at the shelter were adopted. The New Zealand rabbit, the last two gerbils, and three of the baby guinea pigs were all adopted. The only small pets left are six guinea pigs (five adult females and one baby female), three male mice, and two female budgies (parakeets). I have to say I am happy that three of the baby guinea pigs were adopted so quickly, but I do miss seeing them.

The rest of my shelter news is that each week at the shelter there is a "Pet of the Week" these pets have lower adoption fees because of that. Anyway, each week I will tell you about that particular pet, and I will also do a profile of a dog, a cat, and a small animal currently up for adoption at the shelter each week. So here goes,

Pet of the Week Profile:

This week's pet of the week is a cat named Benz. He is a short-haired grey and white tabby. He is eight years old. He is one of the sweetest cats we have. He loves his bed and he loves to have his tummy scratched. He is quite the chubby cat, weighing 16 pounds when he came in.
Here is the link to his petfinder page:http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/18677902

Cat profile:

My cat profile for this week is one of my favorite cats at the shelter. Her name is Suki and she is a four year old grey and white long haired cat. She loves to cuddle and she really, really loves to rub people with her head. She loves attention and is just an all around friendly cat. She came in as a stray.
Here is the link to her petfinder page:http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/18677902

Dog profile:

My dog profile for this week is a fawn and white pit bull named Beowoof. He came in as a stray. He is very loving and a great dog but he does have some things he is working on. He does not like some men but he loves most people. He needs someone who can be a firm leader for him. He is also very strong and likes to pull on the leash. I have been walking with him every time I go to the shelter and after some learning, he walks by my side without pulling me very well now. He is playful and energetic but he LOVES to cuddle. He is also a very smart dog. I love him.
For more information on Beowoof here is his petfinder page: http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/18304005

Small Pet profile:

My small pet profile of the week is a guinea pig. She is an adult red and white abyssinian guinea pig named Cream Puff. ( I think her name should be Piper though). She has been at the shelter for months. She came in with eleven other guinea pigs all from the same person. She is very sweet. She is a little timid at first, but once you are holding her she likes to get pet between her ears and likes to talk with you. When she is very happy (usually when she hears the sound of rustling hay) she sometimes jumps in the air and runs in circles. Most of the guinea pigs at the shelter have cage mates, but Cream Puff is all alone. She had a  baby but he was a male so they had to be separated and he has since been adopted. Her cage mate had to be euthanized after she seriously injured herself when she gave birth to three babies that didn't make it. So now poor Cream Puff is all alone. She loves baby guinea pig but she does not get along with any of the other adult guinea pigs at the shelter. She hisses at them. She misses her cage mate and would probably like to have a companion but it would be best if her new companion was introduced to her as a baby (less threatening and then they would be bonded as adults). She not a very messy guinea pig and her favorite thing to eat is kale and hay.
Here is her petfinder page:http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/18196932

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  1. I liked reading about all of the animals! I've seen Beowoof a few times and he is a very handsome dog. Cream Puff has been through a lot and sounds like she must be a lot tougher than her name would suggest!
    Love and hugs,