Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Fuzzy Quartet!

So this is a profile about four ferrets that recently came to the shelter. The shelter has been calling them the Fuzzy Quartet. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!! Their names are Bear, Sheldon, Bobby Sue, and Tinkerbelle.

Bear is a sable ferret (I think) (sable is the coloring). He has extra dark places though. He a gorgeous ferret. I believe is the eldest of the group. He is still pretty playful.

Sheldon is a sable ferret. I don't think that they know his age. He is the biggest ferret out of the bunch. He is a very relaxed ferret and likes to be cuddled, but he does like to play a lot too. (I don't tell the other ferrets, but Sheldon is kinda my favorite). He also walks on a leash very well.

Bobby Sue is a dark eyed white ferret (I think, I am not 100% sure on the coloring) She also has a grey spot. She is a really sweet ferret. She likes to climb on me when I sit with her. (Both of the girls do). Her nickname is Trouble.

Tinkerbelle is a sable ferret. I believe she is two years old. She likes to sit on my shoulder when I take her out and likes to lay around my neck like a scarf.

They are all very playful and a lot of fun!!!  They love each other. They all like to squish themselves in the same hammock to sleep. They have lived with each other for a very long time so they are going to be adopted out together. Their giant cage is going with them to whoever adopts them.

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  1. They sound like quite a group. I do hope they are able to find someone soon who will happily take the whole group! Do they have pictures of them up on the shelter website yet?
    Love and hugs,