Saturday, October 8, 2011

Shelter Profile

This shelter profile is of a beagle named Tucker.

Tucker is the most fun dog around. He is a senior but it doesn't show! He is very active and follows his nose everywhere! (which is why he should always be leashed or in a fenced in area!) 

Tucker loves everybody, he loves people, dogs, cats, you name it, he loves it!

His favorite past time is sniffing and chasing things. He also likes to catch treats. Which he is very good at. (He gets a lot of practice with all the treats I give him!) 

Tucker, despite being a beagle, is not very vocal. (Most beagles howl and bark a lot!) (Like the beagle that lives in the house next to mine, she and Lacey like to howl to each other!)

To see a picture of Tucker check out his petfinder page:

I just have to tell you all. I am sitting at my desk so Squirt's tank is right next to me, and right now Squirt is working on building his current bubble nest. He also spends a lot of time guarding it. 

I also finally found some fully aquatic plants. I got three amazon sword plants and they have been in the tank for over a week now and they are already growing new leaves and they have been keeping the water very clean, the filter is staying cleaner longer now. And Squirt loves to sleep in the new plants. I'll post pictures of how his tank looks now soon.

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  1. Tucker is so cute! Squirt is so cute! I'm excited to see those new picture! :)

    Sarah ;)