Saturday, October 1, 2011


I have quite a few drawings (mostly unfinished : ) ) of dogs that I have made, so I thought I would do a post showing you all some of them.

This one is of a pit bull. (Pits are my favorite subjects) The only finished part is the head. I had totally forgotten I had this one, till I was looking through all my sketchbooks.

 This one (above and below), is of an American Staffordshire Terrier (amstaff), named Mickey. He was one of my favorite dogs at the shelter, I got really attached to him, so I made a picture of him, and hung it in my room. This is probably my only truly finished drawing.

I started this one, and then left it in the sketch phase. I like to do that sometimes, because I like the way it looks. (Also I lost the picture I was drawing this from, so I don't remember what color the dog was!)

This is another one still in sketch phase. I like it, but it's head came out too squashed.

The beagle above I drew at least five years ago, from a step-by-step drawing dogs book.

This is my cartoon bull dog. I left him in the sketch phase because I love how it looks. (yes, I do that a lot) I've named him Hank.

This one is an old english sheep dog puppy.

This one is a semi-finished Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy. It's not bad, but the nose is too small.

The drawing above is of a dachshund.

This one is actually a painting. It is of my dog Sheba. I did some painting for a while, but I mostly just draw now. I love paintings, I just don't like painting much. I prefer to draw.

This one is a chinese shar-pei. Once again it is unfinished.

This one is of a pitbull named Jonah, who was at the shelter for a while. This is one of my current projects, so there isn't much to it yet.

This is another one of my current projects. She is a belgian Malinois mix named Mallory. She was the best dog ever. I don't think I have ever been so attached to a dog as Mallory. We were soul mates. Sadly she passed away when she was still at the shelter. 

I have some more that I have just started. I have been drawing the dogs that I have known at the shelter that passed away. It makes me feel better to draw them, and it is kind of like a memorial for them. I won't show them yet, since I only just started them, so there isn't much except a few rough outlines.


  1. The drawing of Mallory is nice. I like the tilt of the head. Each one has its own special quality. It's so nice to draw and paint. I really like the painting of Sheba too. :) Martha

  2. Wow!! You're an amazing artist!! I like it when some drawings are left as sketches too. I really like that you left your cartoon dog ("Hank") as a sketch because cartoons are often left just as sketches. I proudly have my Mini Cooper drawing from you on my wall. I'm pretty sure you can draw just about anything! I really liked this post, and would love to see some more of your artwork in the future! :)
    Sarah <3

  3. I love sketches too. Sometimes just the initial few lines show all the character. I also love the painting of Sheba - it was like a photo because it looked exactly like her! Maybe you need to start another blog for your art?!
    -Animal Gram

  4. I totally agree with Animal Gram; if you ever wanted to do another blog, a blog about your art would be a must, I think. You are really an amazing artist. I have always been envious of you! You always drew some amazing pictures in our Journal, and I always was the one to do the stick figures. :D Speaking of art, I just remembered that I need to send some pictures to you!
    Sarah :D
    P.S. I know that I am very late commenting on this, and I already did comment once, but when I saw that Animal Gram suggested an art blog, I had to comment again! <3