Friday, February 3, 2012


I have a few updates for you all!

So first off is some really good news! Patriot, who I did a shelter profile on recently, found a home this week! I got to see a picture of him with his new family and he looks really happy, and they seem like an active family, which is great for Patriot. 

And my next update is that Cici got spayed! She got spayed on Wednesday this week. She did great and she is recovering really well. She has some pain meds to help and she is already perking right up and being her usual self! 

Munchkin was very cute that day. Cici was at the vet most of the day, and Munchkin was not happy that she wasn't around. He just stayed near his door staring at Cici's cage and chewing on his bars for most of the day. When she came back he did a bunny flop and laid down all squished into the side of his cage as close to Cici as he could possibly get. It was adorable. Now that Cici is spayed she just has to have a few weeks to fully recover and then I can bond them and hopefully  get them living in the same cage soon.

I will do a post soon with more details about getting rabbits spayed and the special care involved.


  1. Poor Munchy! He missed his girlfriend! <3 Glad Cici is doing well!!

    Sarah :D

  2. It will be so exciting when they can finally share their living space! You seem to have made a good choice with Cici. And Hurray! for Patriot.
    -Animal Gram

  3. I am so glad Patriot has found a good home! Cici certainly was a good patient and seems to be back to her normal self already, doesn't she?
    Love and hugs,