Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Hey everyone! 

So I am way behind on all the blogging I planned to do, but in the next few weeks I am planning on putting up some more posts and making some videos.

The bunnies are now moved in together and I expanded the cage so you can expect a cage tour soon. 

I also have TONS of cute photos of the two of them, so I am probably going to do a video with all of the pictures in it. 

So new posts and videos will be coming soon and in the meantime here is a shelter profile:

This shelter profile is of one of the shelters newest arrivals, a cockatiel named Sunshine.

Sunshine was surrendered to the shelter a week or two ago and was in pretty bad shape. The cage was so dirty it could not even be salvaged. 

Sunshine was missing most of his feathers due to stress and his unclean environment. He still has some bald spots but his feathers are starting to grow back. 

Sunshine is a lutino cockatiel, he has mostly yellow and white feathers, with the characteristic orange circles on his cheeks. He is very cute.

Sunshine is friendly although not very hand-tame. So he doesn't like being handled much right now, but he doesn't seem to want to bite or anything.

I think he could easily be trained as he is curious and friendly. He could probably be taught to say a few words, he already imitates some whistle sounds.

He seems like he may have some arthritis in one of his feet, but with a better diet, a proper nail trim, and some special perches I think that it wouldn't bother him. 

There aren't any pictures of him on the shelters website but I did find some pictures of a lutino cockatiel like Sunshine:

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  1. What a pretty bird!! I'm sure he'll find a good home soon.

    I know I don't have to tell you I can't wait to see lots and lots of Munchkin and Cici videos on your blog!
    Love and hugs,