Saturday, May 21, 2011

updates and this week's shelter profile

So I have some updates.

My first update is about the fish tank. The cycling is going well, I am now just waiting for the ammonia level to get back to zero, and the nitrite to spike and get back to zero, which hopefully shouldn't take long now. I got the new cave for it so I will put up either a video of picture of how it looks now soon.

Update on my critters:

Pipsqueaks is doing well. Her new favorite thing to do is squeak excitedly when I give her sunflower seeds. Or just squeak when she sees me. It is very cute!

Munchkin is doing well. I just made a shutterfly hardcover photo book of him, so I may do a video to show you all what it looks like. And... he may be getting a bath soon. He managed to clean himself up from his messiness last week pretty well, but he still has a bit of staining on his back feet so I will probably be doing a bath video soon!

The cat apparently loves me like crazy lately. Her new thing is coming downstairs right before I got to bed to get me and she brings me upstairs and waits on my bed for me and then goes to sleep either curled up with me or sitting on my nightstand watching me. It is very funny.

Sheba and Lacey are doing very well. Lacey has gotten used to wet walks with this rainy weather and she seems to like going for walks when it is wet out. Sheba on the other hand doesn't like the rain very much.

And here is my shelter profile for this week: ( I am going to just do one profile instead of all of the bunch I was doing before because that was taking me a long time, so I am just going to do one per week so I give myself more time for other posts too.)

This week's shelter pet profile:

Name: King Tut
Species: Dog
Breed: Belgain Malinois/ Akita mix
Age: aprox. 1 year

More about King Tut:

King Tut is a great dog that just needs a bit of work. He needs some training and should be an only pet until he gets some socialization. I have been doing some training with him and he is a very smart dog. He knows how to sit very well, and today I taught him how to lie down. He learns very fast. I also did some loose-leash walking with him. After just a few minutes he was walking by my side with a loose leash very well. He will be a great dog. He just needs a little training and plenty of exercise. He is very active and loves to play. His favorite toys are squeaker toys. He likes to squeak them like crazy and rip them apart. He also loves to play with tennis balls and chew on bones. He loves treats too. (what dog doesn't?)

To see more information and pictures of King Tut check out his petfinder page:


  1. Lacey certainly doesn't seem to notice the weather at all. I think it's funny that Sheba, who loves nothing more than laying in a pile of snow, can't stand the rain.

    I'm also picturing King Tut's future owner standing on the back porch yelling, "King Tuuuut! Come, King Tut!" Funny.
    Love and hugs,

  2. It's a good thing that I'm allergic to animals or I would be adopting all the ones that you profile. You do a good job of making them lovable. Or, expressing their lovability. :) Martha