Saturday, May 7, 2011


This time my updates aren't all fish related! I thought I should update you on some of my other pets.

So the dogs, Lacey and Sheba, are doing pretty well. Lacey just got over a bacteria infection in her ears. We had to put these special drops in her ears twice a day for ten days. And Sheba just got a checkup at the vet, and she is very healthy. She is getting old, but she is in pretty good shape for being thirteen years old. She was very happy, as my mom puts it, the vet is like Sheba's Disneyland.

To Lacey the vet is the most horrific and terrifying place to be. And of course, she is the one that gets bacteria infections in her ear and stuff like that. (because of spaniel's droopy ears, moisture gets trapped in there more often so they tend to be prone to infections and such in her ears, so it is important to regularly check and clean out their ears.)

Agatha (the cat) has been her usual self, sitting on my school books, meowing at everything, and going crazy in the night. Last night she was flying around the house at warp speed. It was really funny.

Pipsqueak has been very happy and healthy. She has been doing the cutest thing when she sleeps. She likes to sleep with her head sticking out of her igloo and it is so cute. I will post some pictures of it at the end of this post. I got her some new treats which she loves. It has peanuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, dried pasta noodles, peas, and some puffed corn things. She loves them all, but her favorites are definitely the peanuts and the sunflower seeds.

And Munchkin has been very cute lately. He has been giving lots of kisses and likes to touch noses a lot lately. It is very cute (that is how rabbits say they are friends). He has also been very messy. Those of you who wanted to see a video of Munchkin getting a bath may be in luck! He likes to sometimes use his towel in his kennel sometimes instead of his litterbox. I don't really mind it isn't very often and I just throw the towel in the wash. But he did that today but he missed his towel and then he must have hopped through it, so his back feet and the bottom of his tail are a little messy and stained now. I got most of it off, but unless he cleans that off himself, I may give him a little bath and I will be sure to take a video of it. (I wouldn't be giving him a full bath only the his dirty feet and etc, but I will definitely do a video of it). So you might get to see that soon!

Oh yes, Munchkin's new favorite thing to do is to sit on top of the box that I store his cardboard in. He does that when I clean his cage in the morning. I took a video of it with my new camera, but it may take a while before I get it uploaded, since I am still figuring out how my camera works etc.

As for fish updates, the tank is in the process of cycling right now, and probably sometime next week I will get a new cave for it and try to figure out how I am supposed to attach the background that didn't come with instructions. Once I get the new cave I will show you how the updated set up with new plant and new cave look.

Here are the pictures of pipsqueak:

Isn't Pipsqueak cute? Yes, the last one is of Lacey, I couldn't remember if I had posted it or not, but I don't think I have, so here it is.

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  1. Pipsqueak is so cute! -and Lacey is just too funny! Dogs sleep in the strangest positions sometimes.
    -Animal Gram