Sunday, November 20, 2011

Shelter Profile!

I haven't done many of these in a while so I thought I should do one:

Tendai is our newest rabbit at the shelter. He is a baby rabbit with fluffy black fur. He was found living under someone's porch. The shelter staff is estimating that he is at least four weeks old. Since rabbits aren't usually weaned from their mothers until six to eight weeks, he may have been separated too soon, since there was no sign of another rabbit. He seems to be doing fine and does eat some pellets and hay, but keep your fingers crossed for him! 

He is the sweetest little thing. He is very cuddly, he is constantly pressing his nose into my face, and shoving his head into my hand. He loves to be pet and cuddled more than most rabbits, which I think is partly because he wasn't ready to be on his own yet. 

His favorite things are his fleece blanket, and his hanging toys.

Tendai doesn't have a petfinder page yet.

I just had to spread the good news that in the month of october over eighty cats were adopted and over thirty dogs were adopted from KVHS. 

Things have been going a little slower the past couple weeks, but as the holidays get closer the shelter usually seems to get less adoptions since a lot of people are so busy.

However for the rabbits last weekend was great. We had been getting a lot of rabbits coming in, and were up to ten rabbits, which is difficult because we were running out of cage space and the rabbits were going through rabbit food really fast, so the shelter did a special rabbit adoption weekend and five rabbits found their homes.

Also in the past few weeks all of the ferrets at the shelter have been adopted!

I'm still crossing my fingers for my two rat boys. They have been at the shelter for so many months. They were babies, but they are all grown up now. I have gotten a few people interested in them so I am hoping they will find homes soon. 


  1. Hey, you're back!!
    That's so great about all of the adoptions last month! I hope your rat boys will be adopted soon (wouldn't it be nice if it were you who adopted them? I know this is what you're thinking! :D). By the way, I like how you have a strip of videos at the top of your blog now. It's neat! I watched the one where you say that Munchy is getting a friend, and I just have to say how cute the second to last picture is on that slideshow. He's sitting on your stool with his ears straight up in the air. It's adorable!
    Sarah <3
    P.S. Tendai is kind of a cool name. Do you know how the shelter thought of it?

  2. Hurray for all of the adoptions!
    Love and hugs,