Saturday, December 3, 2011


I haven't done a lot of posts on my pets recently, so here is an update post:

Munchkin is his usual happy self. Right now he is sitting next to me and licking his favorite blanket. After the holidays are over, I am going to be looking for his new friend!

The dogs are doing great, they were really happy about the snow we got before Thanksgiving, but it was short lived because it melted pretty fast.

The cat has been very happy lately due to a new teaser toy that I got her. She LOVES to play with it. I have some videos of her playing with it, so i'll have to upload them soon.

Squirt has become a master bubble-nest builder and is constantly building and protecting bubble nests. He likes to sit under his creations and flare his fins at anything he sees as a threat to his bubbles. He has developed some sort of fungus stuff growing on his tail fin. It started as a tiny white spot, so I wasn't sure if it was a parasite or fungus, but it is getting fluffy so I am going to get his some medication for fungal infections tomorrow. 

Pipsqueak unfortunately had developed a tumor under her front leg. I only just noticed it a few days ago. It is fairly large for her size, so I have to keep an eye on it. I've been keeping an eye on her since, and she seems to be her completely  normal self, and the tumor currently isn't bothering her or making movement difficult. If it gets bigger or painful for her though I am going to have to talk to my vet. Right now she is fine, but the tumor does worry me.


  1. Oh Munchy! It's a good thing you're getting him a friend because his blanket girlfriend probably doesn't keep him very entertained when we're talking! ;) I'm so excited to see the videos and read the posts after you get your second bunny. I can't wait to see those videos of Agatha! I feel so bad for Squirt and Pipsqueak! I hope both of them get better soon. Loved the updates on the pets (well, the happy updates, at least)!!
    Sarah :D

  2. Poor Pipsqueak! I'm glad she isn't too bothered by it. Martha

  3. Pipsqueak still seems fine so I hope it's just something like the tumors that Sheba has.
    Love and hugs,