Friday, March 9, 2012

Some new shelter profiles

I haven't done any shelter profiles for a little while, so here are some new ones:

My first profile is of a dog named Henry:

Henry is a five year old terrier mix. He came to the shelter all the way from Alabama a couple of weeks ago. He is super cute with a super sweet personality to match. He loves to cuddle and hang out with his human buddies. He loves to go for walks, and enjoys jumping up and down like a pogo stick. He also loves to play with his toys, especially squeaky ones. He likes other animals so he would do great in a multi-pet household.

Too see pictures of Henry check out his petfinder page:

My next profile is a cat named Stardust:

Stardust is a seven- year- old tabby. She has been at the shelter for a while, ever since she came in as a stray. She loves treats (maybe a little too much!), especially Greenies. She likes to play with her toys, and she enjoys playing through her cage with the cat in the cage below her. (it is the cutest thing). She is very sweet, but she absolutely 100% HATES to be picked up. Once she is picked up she lets out the loudest and most pitiful howl, and may get nasty when you put her back down. So she is not the world's most cuddly cat, although she does like to be pet and to have your attention. I am not sure how she is with dogs, but she does seem to like other cats from what I have seen. At any rate she likes Stevey, the cat who lives in the cage below hers.

To see pictures of Stardust check out her petfinder page:

And last but not least, is a profile of a rabbit named Roger:

Roger is a black medium sized rabbit. He came in as a stray a while back. He does not seem very used to being handled, but I have been trying to get him a little more used to it. He does not like to be picked up and does kick a bit, but once you are holding him securely he calms down. He would do best in a home where he wouldn't need to be picked up very often. He likes to be pet between his ears. He is very curious and likes to be able to get out of his cage and explore. He likes to have treats, toys, and something comfy to sleep in. His favorite pastime is shredding things, whether it is cardboard, paper, or newspaper. He seems to like other bunnies pretty well. I introduced him to Munchkin a while back and he seemed to like him. He also seems to like the rabbits in the cage next to his. 

To see a picture of Roger check out his petfinder page:


  1. Henry is adorable, I think I can safely say that Stardust as a cat name is a new one on me, and Roger is a very handsome rabbit!
    Love and hugs,

  2. Sounds like Henry should have been named 'Pogo'.. As always, when you profile the shelter animals, I want to adopt them all (except the rats and ferrets..sorry). Can only imagine what our household would be like if we did!
    -Animal Gram