Friday, March 2, 2012


Hi everyone,

Unfortunately I have some sad updates. My little Pipsqueak passed away a couple weeks ago. I will miss her very much.

I will be getting back to some more blogging, the past few weeks have been a little crazy and a little sad, but I am going to try to do some more posts now.

My other update is that Stacy has needed a some extra post-operation care, and she is getting pain meds (she is weird, she LOVES pain meds, as soon as she sees the syringe (its an oral syringe) she gets very excited). Anyway she is starting to feel better now, but it has put off my bonding a little bit.

The bonding so far has been great, I am just getting bunnies to work a few things out. I have had to postpone any more bonding sessions though for a while until Cici is all better. I do have some bonding videos that I will be posting soon though. Once Cici is all better, I will do some more bonding and then hopefully it won't be long before they are ready to move in together.


  1. I'll miss Pipsqueak, too.
    Love and hugs,

  2. I'm so sorry about Pipsqueak. I know she was a great little hamster.
    I'm happy Cici is doing okay though! I can't wait to see more about Cici and Munchy's bonding.


  3. Pipsqueak lived a really good life with you. She had the best of everything! Sorry she's gone.

    Really getting excited about seeing the bunnies together soon. I can only imagine how much fun it will be.
    -Animal Gram