Friday, June 24, 2011

Squirt the second!!!!!

I got Squirt the Second today!!!!

He is a red male (obviously) double-tail betta. Double- tail bettas basically have two tail fins or a split tail fin. 

He is active and seems very healthy, and he has NO CLAMPED FINS!!! Yay! He seems quite proud, he loves to fan out all of his fins. He loves the tank, he did a lot of exploring and he loves the newest silk plant in there. It has a lot of good hiding places and he likes to rest on the cupped leaves. He also for some reason likes to go and sit in the filter flow. Fortunately my filter is very gentle. 

I will put up some pictures and videos of him later today. 

I got him at Petco this time instead of Petsmart. I know I said before that I generally thought the Petsmart bettas were healthier than the Petco ones, but it seems they flop back and forth. Lately at Petsmart I see at least five dead ones when I go and a LOT of the bettas have severely clamped fins like squirt the first did. So I went to Petco and today they had a TON of bettas. My mom and I estimated that they had around sixty or more bettas. And what was very impressive is that out of all of them I only saw one or two dead ones and one or two unhealthy ones. Most of them seemed pretty happy and healthy. 

I am guessing that a lot of the bettas just arrived at Petco since they had so many and they all seemed pretty healthy.  They had a lot of cool varieties too. They had pretty much every tail type imaginable. They had veiltails and crowntails (the only two kinds sold at Petsmart), plakats, delta-tails, double-tails, and all sorts of beautiful colors. They even had mulit- colored bettas. I even saw a fuschia pink and purple betta. That is not a color often seen. I thought about getting that one but I really have a thing for the red ones, and Squirt the second looked very healthy and all fanned out. 

Oh yeah, they even had King bettas. Basically those are a type of male bettas that have short fins but they are HUGE betta fish. The ones I saw were a good two inches or more longer that my fish and mine has long fins. So those were some really big bettas. About four inches long. I had never actually seen a king betta before. I kind of felt sorry for them in the cups because the cups are small even for the little bettas, but for those giant bettas they are really cramped.

I am quite happy with Squirt the second. He is cute, and seems very healthy. He also isn't a maniac bubble nest maker like Squirt the first, which was cute but seemed rather odd. I hope everything goes well with this one.

I also had to buy a new cave, which was my fault this time because I was cleaning the tank and I dropped the one I had and it broke in half. So, I bought another one. I also bought some "biozyme" which is just another bacteria to try since my cycling process is not quite finishing. And I got some "ammonia neutralizer" because since the cycling process doesn't want to finish there is a small amount of ammonia (which I measured and isn't enough to stress out Squirt at the level it is at right now) but just in case I got the ammonia neutralizer which neutralizes the ammonia to prevent it from stressing the fish, but doesn't completely remove the ammonia (removing the ammonia would ruin the cycling process because the good bacteria feed on the ammonia).  I also have some salt in the tank now to help keep Squirt healthy. 

So I will post some pictures and videos of Squirt later today!!!

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  1. Welcome to Squirt the Second! A really beautiful fish. The videos were fun to watch. Especially liked how he just blended into the leaves.
    -Animal Gram