Sunday, June 12, 2011

Updates and this week's shelter profile


Hopefully tomorrow I will be putting a few new videos on my youtube channel! And I will probably post a few pictures up too. 

Fish tank update!!!

Still waiting... and waiting.... it's like watching bacteria grow. Literally. And it takes a long, long, long, time.  So I have a whole lot of ammonia in the tank, and I am still waiting for some bacteria to come along and eat it...

I did some more tank cycling research and found a site that suggests doing water changes every couple of days once there is plenty of ammonia. So I am probably going to try that, since nothing is happening yet. I did a small water change today because the tank was starting to get gross... and the filter needed to be changed. Hopefully the process starts to move along so I can get Squirt the second!

Shelter profile:

Remmie and Marty

Remmie and Marty are a pair of male, albino rats. Their age is unknown. They have been here for a while even though they are some of the best rats around! They definitely should go home together, since they are quite attached to each other (like two peas in a pod!) and rats do not do well living by themselves generally. They are very friendly boys and let me hold them and pet them. They are very curious and love to be involved in what you are doing. They love it when I clean their cage. They like to sit in the litter scoop, chase my hands around, and climb on the bars like ninja rats. They like having a hideout with a soft towel or blanket to sleep in and their favorite treats are yogurt drops for rats. 

To see pictures of Remmie and Marty check out their petfinder page:

(by the way I have no idea which one is Remmie and which one is Marty. They look EXACTLY the same. One of them seems to be more outgoing than the other, but that is pretty much the only difference.)

Oh! And Patches (the rabbit from last week's profile) has a petfinder page now so if you want to see pictures of Patches check it out:

Update: oops. I lied. No picture of Patches, although there is some information on his petfinder page if you want to read it. I don't know why they didn't put a picture on it, because I know they have some of him. You'll just have to take my word for it: he is super cute!!!!


  1. Dear one, have you ever met an animal you DIDN'T think was "super cute"?

    Love and hugs,

  2. Gosh, those rats are cute! But...not a pet for me.
    -Animal Gram