Monday, June 20, 2011

AWESOME NEWS!!!! / updates

I have fantastic news that I have to share!!!!

This week at the shelter 24 cats, 4 dogs, a snake, a gerbil, and a guinea pig all were adopted!!! One especially awesome adoption was Creamsicle, a cat who has been at the shelter since November. 



I plan on getting Squirt the second soon! 

New videos will be up this week!

A new shelter profile will be up this week!


  1. What an exciting week at the shelter! Was that a record? Can't wait to be introduced to Squirt II. As always, looking forward to new videos; although, I have to tell you that I keep going back to look at the one of Lacey chewing her bone - what an expression!
    -Animal Gram

  2. Sounds like the shelter had a great week! That is so awesome Creamsicle got adopted! I hope she was adopted into a loving home. I'm very excited for Squirt the Second! Sounds like this is going to be a week of great posts!
    Sarah :)