Thursday, August 11, 2011

Critter Crafts!

No- Sew Double Decker Hammock:

What you will need:

Scissors (fabric scissors are best)
Masking Tape
Ruler or Measuring Tape

First lay out your fleece on a flat surface such as a table or the floor

Step 1:

Make a 15 by 24 inch rectangle by placing masking tape on the fleece.

Step 2:

 Cut out the rectangle. Your project should now look like this:

Step 3:

Make the ties:
Take the tape off of the two smaller sides of the rectangle. Now place that tape two inches away from the edge of the fleece

Now cut 15 one inch strips on each side:

Making sure to cut right up to the edge of the tape: 

Your project should now look like this:

 Step 4:

Now remove the tape:

Step 5:

Make another rectangle, this one measuring 12 by 15 inches and cut out:

Step 6:

Make the ties:

Take the tape off the fifteen inch long sides and place two inches away from the edge. 
Now repeat what you did in step 3 and make fifteen one-inch wide ties on both edges. Then remove all the tape.

Your project now look likes this:

Important: Make sure that the ties are on the fifteen-inch long sides!

 Step 7:

Take both pieces and match up the ties:

Then tie each pair of ties in double knots:

Each side should look like this:

Repeat to the other side

Voila! All done! Your finished project should look like this:

To hang the hammock take the ties on each corner and tie them to your pet's cage bars.


This sized hammock is suitable for ferrets and chinchillas. The kittens at the shelter like these too! It is great for rats too, but you can make it smaller for the rats if you like.

For rats I generally use rectangles of about 14 by 18 inches and 14 by 9 inches. If you do this make sure to keep the ties one inch wide and two inches long.

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  1. Very groovy crafts! :) Martha

  2. Excellent project - fun for you, fun for the critters!
    Love and hugs,