Monday, August 8, 2011

Shelter Profile!

This weeks shelter profile is of a bunny:

So, her name is Gabrielle and she is a black and white dwarf bunny. She is a bit chubby so she needs to lose a little weight. She is very cute and she is very sweet. She tolerates being picked up and held very well, and she loves to be stroked on top of her shoulders. In her previous home she was housed in some pretty bad conditions. The cage she came in was disgusting. It had cobwebs and urine all over it, her food bowl was so gross I used gloves to remove it, and algae and mold was growing in her water bottle. I gave her a new clean cage with a fleece blanket, a litter box, a clean bowl and water bottle, some toys, and plenty of hay. She is now a very happy bunny! She loves to dig and she also loves her litter box. She hasn't figured out exactly what it is for... she loves to play with in and nap in it!

Gabrielle does not currently have a petfinder page.

1 comment:

  1. This bunny sounds so cute! Please tell us when she has a petfinder page!
    Sarah :)