Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Collection

I've been collecting dog figurines for quite a while, so since it is a collection of dogs, I thought I would show you all. 

Most of the dog figurines I have I find in antique stores, but I also have some that I got as gifts, etc. I think I have 37 figurines so far.

This little gold dog was my first figurine, and started my collection.

This one is a bookend.

This one is my smallest figurine. As you can see it is pretty small!

Left are my hounds, right are the huskies, and below are a bunch of terrier figurines

This figurine is one of my favorites. It is a Chinese Crested Dog.

The above two are matching, but I found them at different antique stores.

Yes, these three are the same. They all came with some tea.

This one is a bobble-head. 

This glass dog is my favorite. I have seen one in almost every antique store I have ever been in. I did some research and found out it was once a candy jar. The inside is hollow and there used to be a paper cover on the bottom to hold the candy inside.

And... I have started a bunny figurine collection:


  1. That was fun to see your collection all laid out that way. You have quite a varied collection of dogs there!
    Love and hugs,

  2. This was a really cool post! You have a lot of figurines! I think my favorites (from the dog collection) were first dog, the tiny dog, the hounds, and both of the figurines right below the gold dog at the top of the page. I like your three rabbits as well, especially the one with its arms stretched out. It looks a lot like Munchkin! Great post!
    Sarah :)

  3. I like the bunny with the arms stretched out as well. :) I also like the dog that opens up. Cool collection! Martha