Thursday, September 1, 2011

Awesome News!!!

So I was just at the shelter yesterday, and...

7 of the rats were adopted!

Leaving only two, my favorites. (it could be a sign that they are meant for me! :) )

And as usual many cats are getting adopted, and a bunch of dogs were going to their new homes when I left.

Two guinea pigs were also adopted, which is good because two more new pigs just came in. And they are SUPER CUTE!!!! So I am going to do a shelter profile on them right now:

Shelter Profile: 

So they are a pair of male guinea pigs. One of them is named Yogi, and the other Smokey. (In case you don't know the theme is bears, like "yogi the bear" and "smokey the bear", except they are guinea pigs. ) 

Anyway Yogi is a really cute orange color with a white face, and a "rosette" on the top of his head.  Smokey is a whole medley of dark grey, light grey, black, and white. Smokey has long fur. I have actually never seen a guinea pig with the coloring that Smokey has. 

They are buddies though they do argue sometimes (just vocal, no biting or anything). Yogi is definitely the top pig. Yogi is very goofy, outgoing, and social. He is also very vocal and loves to state his opinions. Smokey is a fairly shy and quiet guinea pig, but he does warm up to people after a while. 

They would probably like to stay together, and in their new home they would like:

A nice big cage
Some cozy hiding places
LOTS of hay!
Some veggies
And lots of attention! (especially Yogi, he prefers to be the center of attention at all times!)
Playtime out of their cage (this is a personal request from Yogi. He has made it quite clear with his bar chewing and door rattling that he likes to spend time out of his cage!)
Regular brushing (this is a request from Smokey, he likes to keep his long fur looking good!)
Soft places to relax (both boys love sprawling out on their fleece!)

All of these things along with the necessary time, water, pellets, and care of course!

Yogi and Smokey do not have petfinder pages. (the "pocket pet" petfinder pages don't get updated much)

And if anyone out there wants cute baby bunnies, the seven baby bunnies are still up for adoption! And they are super sweet and socialized. They LOVE attention and can easily be handled. And they are very entertaining to watch, they are very playful!

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  1. Aww, those guinea pigs sound so cute! I've always loved the look of the white and orange ones. So happy to hear that so many animals have been getting adopted. That's always a nice shelter update!
    Sarah :)