Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bunny Profiles!

This seriously made me really excited!!! The shelter actually currently has pictures of all the bunnies (babies included!) up on petfinder. So I will do some profiles and put the link to each bunnies petfinder page below the profile.


I think I amy have mentioned Gabrielle before, but I will do it again. She is a dwarf bunny and she is very sweet. She likes to be pet and she may not LOVE getting picked up, but she definitely tolerates it very well. She is overall a very calm bunny for being a dwarf rabbit (they generally are very active). She likes having a fleece blanket to sleep on. She doesn't seem to like carrots much, but she loves her hay! She also loves her litterbox. She generally does not use it for what it was meant for, instead she likes to sleep in it.

To see pictures of Gabrielle visit her petfinder page:


I know, the name is a little goofy. Moopsiepie is a female black bunny. She is very pretty. She is long and graceful and has very long ears. She reminds me of a hare a little bit. She came in as a stray and she is the proud mom of the seven baby bunnies! She is very good-natured. She loves to get her ears stroked. She is very good about being handled. She is litter box trained, with the condition that her hay has to be in the litter box because she will only go where her hay is, and if the hay is not in the litter box or in a hay rack, it can be very messy! If the hay is in the litter box she is a very clean rabbit and likes to keep her cage pretty tidy. She likes to have comfy things to sleep in and she likes to have lots of room.

To see pictures of Moopsiepie visit her petfinder page:

Baby bunnies:

I am doing the baby bunnies profiles in two groups because doing seven of them would be long and the petfinder pages are split up into two groups for them too. 

Female baby bunnies:

(their names are Bonsai, Bentley, and Breezy)

The female baby bunnies are all very friendly and super cute! They are really well socialized. They are easy to handle and very eager for attention. They need lots of space to do what they do best: play! They are mostly white with a few grey patches. The one with the most spots is the  most playful and outgoing one. The others are playful to but a little calmer. There were originally four females, but one was adopted! Oh, and one of the girls was originally the runt of the litter but she is now as healthy and big and playful as her sisters.

To see the super cute pictures of Bonsai, Bentley, and Breezy check out their shared petfinder page:

Male baby bunnies:

(their names are Buckwheat, Bullwinkle, and Buster)

Just like their sisters the boys are super cute, and well socialized, although a couple of the boys don't like being picked up to much. They are pretty playful, but like to cuddle with each other a lot. Two of the boys are chubby little things and the boys eat a lot! (which is okay, because baby bunnies should be allowed to eat as much hay and pellets as they want) Two of the boys are all white, and one is white and gray. 

To see the super cute pictures of Buckwheat, Bullwinkle, and Buster check out their petfinder page:

(okay, technically only two of the boys are in the picture, but the one not in the picture looks exactly like the all white one that is in the picture)

Oh and just a note: The baby bunnies are in the process of litter training. They are doing really well so far considering they are just babies, but they aren't fully litter box trained yet.

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  1. I love Moopsiepie's ears and the baby bunnies are just adorable but I think Gabrielle is my favorite - she is just too precious!
    Love and hugs,