Monday, September 5, 2011

Responding to Comments

Nice work! Have you taken Munchkin outside again?

No, I haven't taken Munchkin outside again yet, I have been pretty busy, but I plan on taking him out again a few times soon.

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I love your video tours! How long does it take to do Munchkin's morning routine?
Sarah :) 

If I don't spend a ton of time petting and playing with him, and depending on how big of a mess he made it usually takes me 15-20 minutes. 

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Cute videos! Does Munchkin ever chew anything he shouldn't like furniture or woodwork? He seems to always be enjoying himself.
-Animal Gram  

Yes, Munchkin likes to chew everything. I block off a lot of furniture in the room he gets free-range time in and I am planning on bunny proofing my bedroom, but he still chews things. He has chewed or bitten:

new furniture
the corner of the wall
my mom's knitting magazines
my school workbooks

And he has bitten a cord before, (he was fine and I am paranoid about cords with him now, so all cords in his bunny room are blocked and most of them are unplugged whenever he is up there)

(He also likes to peel paper off the wall, and just a couple of days ago he had some fun with paper towels when I turned my back. )

Overall he is pretty good, he doesn't really destroy things, he just takes a bite out of things here and there. And after a little touch up on whatever he sank his teeth into, and the bite marks aren't too noticeable. He likes to do it on purpose and then hear me tell him no. It makes him very happy and he binkys all over the place when he gets caught. I think he thinks it is funny. 

This is why I supervise all his free-range time.


  1. Thanks for answering my question! I would get so distracted cleaning up after Munchkin in the morning--it would be hard for me to not stop and pet him frequently! :) I laughed when I read that Munchkin thinks it is funny when he is caught doing something he isn't supposed to. That is quite funny.
    Sarah :)

  2. I'm right there with Sarah. I would enjoy playing with Munchkin during cleaning time. I think you'll be a great mom based on your great pet ownership. Think of it... Munchkin's behavior with the biting and chewing is a bit like children's behavior! I think I will have to get a pet when my children are grown. Wait, I'll have my husband and that's about the same. ;) Martha

  3. Oh that naughty bunny! But then, how could you get mad at him - he's just too cute.
    -Animal Gram