Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hay review

So I used to get Munchkin's hay at Petsmart. The brand I got was Oxbow hay, which is pretty good. However, Munchkin never really loved a lot of the hay that I would get at the pet store, and eventually he would only eat Oxbow orchard grass. And I was getting tired of the dusty, dry quality of the hay at the pet store, and the only fresher greener kind Munchkin refused to even try, so I did some researching. 

I found a place called Sweet Meadow Farm. They are a family run farm located in Massachusetts. They have hay and pellets for rabbits and guinea pigs. It can be ordered online (I would not be driving to Massachusetts!) and for much much cheaper than what I was paying in the store. So I got some of their hay for Munchkin and he LOVES it!!! And so do I! It is fresh, green, and smells really good. It isn't super processed so there are some clovers and dandelions in it, but Munchkin loves that! 

So I used to pay over six dollars for each pound of hay, but with Sweet Meadow Farms it only costs two dollars a pound including the shipping costs. So I am really happy! I had a big box of it shipped to me and it came in two days, so I was very pleased. 

They also have pellets, so I am going to order some for Munchkin. The formula and ingredients is literally the same as the Oxbow pellets Munchkin is currently eating, so it is very high quality but it is half the price of the Oxbow pellets. 

I also like that this farm is family run, environmentally friendly (uses biodegradable bags and everything) and all the hay and pellets are organic. 

Basically by switching to Sweet Meadow Farms hay and pellets, I am getting just as good or better products, for much cheaper. I did some math and found that it will save us a few hundred dollars each year.

It is always good to do some research, instead of just automatically purchasing what is sold in the pet stores. And ordering online from Sweet Meadow saves a few shopping trips. 

The only thing I would say is that if you lived on the west coast shipping would probably get expensive, it is one thing if you live in New England, but elsewhere it might get pricey.

For west coast people, I hear that a company called KleenMama's is really good. It is located in California, and very similar to Sweet Meadows. They have hay, and guinea pig food. They just don't have rabbit pellets. But I hear the hay is awesome. For me Sweet Meadows is cheaper because shipping from California is expensive for me.


  1. The hay does smell great and it is a crazy good price with super fast delivery and Munchkin loves it! A win no matter how you look at it. :)
    Love and hugs,

  2. It sure pays to do your research. You certainly are a wise shopper. Lucky bunny!
    -Animal Gram