Thursday, September 8, 2011


Okay, I have some updates:

Yogi (or Yoshi) and Smokey the guinea pigs were adopted! And so were two other guinea pigs! So right now the shelter is down to three guinea pigs. Also two more baby bunnies were adopted. Last time I was at the shelter (which was yesterday) there were four babies left.

So you all probably saw my "Huge news" post, and read about me getting a second bunny, and since I am going to be doing some bunny bonding after the holidays, I am going to do some posts about bunny bonding on my Critter Care blog (the link is in the sidebar). 

Also, I know I am behind on my quizzes, this week and last week were pretty busy again, but things are settling down so I will get the quizzes rolling again. (it is okay it gave me some time to think of some questions!) I am planning on uploading my Critter Crafts video tonight! I also have some other videos I am working on, so there will be more videos soon!

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  1. You know how much I love videos! I love the videos of your pets doing cute and silly things,but I think my favorites are your video tours and tutorials. They're just a smidge higher than the pet videos though! <3
    Sarah :)