Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I haven't done any shelter updates or updates about my pets recently so here are a bunch of updates:

Updates on my pets:

Munchkin is his usual happy self. Last week I took him outside for the first time ever (he was on a secure safe leash of course!) and he loved it. I took some videos of him outside so I will be uploading those soon. 

Pipsqueak is her usual self too. I slightly changed her cage, but only slightly: she now has a "roll-a-nest" in the bottom of her cage (it is a round grass hut) and she loves it, and she also has less tubes on her lower level (because I broke one!). I might do a video tour of the way it looks now soon.

Squirt has been doing quite well. I have had him for around two months now. He had some fin rot problems for a while, but he seems to be past that now. I have discovered that he is a pooping machine!!!! Which was probably contributing to his fin rot, so I have been doing extra frequent tank cleanings. I have discovered that he sometimes has SBD (swim bladder disorder) which is basically when the fish gets constipated which causes their swim bladder to sort of bloat, so they end up floating too much, having difficulty staying upright, and some side-ways swimming. Fortunately all that is required is a day of fasting and he is back to normal. Apparently bettas with Squirt's fin type are prone to SBD and it doesn't help that he will only eat the dry pellet food. I spread out his meals which seems to help but he still has episodes every now and then. Like today. Poor thing.

The dogs, Lacey and Sheba, are doing good too. They are enjoying the cool weather today because they love having the windows open. Lacey spends a lot of her time just sitting by the window and sniffing.

The cat up to today has been a very happy cat, playing with her cat nip toys and her catnip blanket that I made her. She has been enjoying sunny afternoons on the porch. However she is quite upset today because she will be going to the vet. So she had to stay inside today, which she greatly disliked. And once we bring out the carrier and get in the car she will be really upset. But other than dealing with a regular vet check up she is her usual self. 

So that is all of my pet updates, so here are the shelter updates:

Baby bunnies are up for adoption!!!!! I believe four of the babies are boys and three are girls, (although it may be vice versa, I can't remember!) 

One guinea pig was adopted! 

Other than the one guinea pig, adoptions have been slow in the pocket pet department. There are currently ten rabbits, six guinea pigs, four ferrets, and nine rats. Basically everywhere you turn there are cages! And it takes forever to clean them all! Fortunately a rabbit rescue is taking a bunch of the rabbits so that will lessen the load a little. Especially since the baby bunnies eat a lot!!! 

Cat wise things are pretty normal, and I think the amount of kittens is starting to slow down just a little. The cats are all enjoying my toys, I think so far I have brought in about thirty catnip toys that I made. 

Right now at the shelter we have quite a few dogs, including a bunch of little dogs. My favorite dog right now is a black lab/ basset hound mix named Orson. He is very funny looking and he loves to sit on the window sill in his kennel and look down on the world below. It is the cutest thing. My other favorite is a GORGEOUS pitbull whose name I can't remember. Every time I go I check what his name is but I still always forget!

So that's all for updates!

A new shelter profile will be coming soon!


  1. Poor Squirt - it must be quite disconcerting to swim sideways! Can't wait to see the video of Munchkin's great outdoor adventure. Looking forward to the shelter profile, too, except that I always want to adopt all the cats and dogs!
    -Animal Gram

  2. That's too bad about Squirt! I hope gets better soon! I'm also very excited to see Munchkin's outdoor playtime. I bet he's the cutest thing exploring the great outdoors!
    Sarah :)