Thursday, December 9, 2010


So after doing some dwarf hamster research online I had thought that Pipsqueak was a boy since I found the special dwarf hamster scent gland in the middle of his belly. Well I got a dwarf hamster book today, that said that both genders have that in dwarf hamsters! So I spent some time doing very very thorough online research and after getting another good look at poor Pipsqueak, I do believe ( I am 99% positive), and I am crossing my fingers that this time I am right, that Pipsqueak is a girl. The only reason I thought she was a boy was because of the scent gland and after comparing with some pictures from my book Pipsqueak definitely seem to be a girl. Poor Pipsqueak she must be so confused by now. I am very very very positive that I am right this time though.


  1. Now you can put a pink bow on HER! I don't think it was Pipsqueak who was confused; bet she knew all along what she was. She's still cute either way.
    -Little critter lover

  2. Poor Pipsqueak! :)